Amazon DocumentDB integrates SageMaker Canvas

Amazon DocumentDB integrates SageMaker Canvas

Updates related to Looker Studio, Azure Stream Analytics, Kinesis, DocumentDB, CloudFront, IoT SiteWise, Azure Backup

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Management Tools

AWS Trusted Advisor introduces APIs

AWS Trusted Advisor launches new APIs for accessing best practice checks and recommendations programmatically. UPDATE


Looker Studio introduces new features

  • Looker Studio adds personal report links for self-serve analytics.
  • Features auto-refresh for up-to-date business insights.
  • Quick filters for powerful data exploration, improved filtering speed.
  • Pausing updates optimizes query volume and cost. UPDATE

Azure Stream Analytics integrates Kafka

Azure Stream Analytics now supports direct connection to Kafka clusters, offering low-code, fully-managed solutions with backward compatibility. UPDATE

Kinesis Data Streams enhances Lambda access

Amazon Kinesis Data Streams now supports cross-account access with AWS Lambda, enabling serverless data streaming pipelines. UPDATE

CloudFront announces KeyValueStore

Amazon CloudFront introduces KeyValueStore, a global key value datastore, enabling low-latency data retrieval within CloudFront Functions. UPDATE


Amazon DocumentDB integrates SageMaker Canvas

Amazon DocumentDB now supports no-code machine learning with Amazon SageMaker Canvas, facilitating easy model building and prediction. UPDATE

AWS IoT SiteWise supports batched data

AWS IoT SiteWise now enables ingestion of buffered and batched measurement data, optimizing time-series data analysis. UPDATE


Azure Backup for AKS now available

  • Azure Backup for AKS provides enterprise-ready, Kubernetes-aware backup.
  • Supports application-consistent snapshots, different subscription restores.
  • BYO model for Azure Disks and RBAC operations enabled.
  • Simplifies protection of stateful applications, mitigates data loss and downtime. UPDATE

Cloud Deploy enhances pipeline, Cloud Run jobs

  • Google Cloud Deploy introduces pipeline automation and Cloud Run jobs.
  • Automates application promotions, advances canary deployments.
  • Ensures reliable, safer, and faster delivery.
  • Streamlines management of Cloud Run services and jobs. UPDATE

Provisioning + Runtime

Faster launches for Amazon EMR on EC2

Amazon EMR on EC2 clusters can now launch up to 35% faster, significantly reducing start-up times for customer workloads. UPDATE

Azure Boost in general availability

  • Azure Boost offloads server virtualization tasks to optimized hardware.
  • Enhances network, storage performance, and security at scale.
  • Offers remote storage throughput up to 12.5 GBps, 650K IOPS.
  • Azure Boost already benefiting existing Azure VMs, promises future upgrades. UPDATE

Provisioning + Runtime

Faster launches for Amazon EMR on EC2

Amazon EMR on EC2 clusters can now launch up to 35% faster, significantly reducing start-up times for customer workloads. UPDATE

Google Cloud enhances route views

Google Cloud console introduces enhanced effective route views, improving the understanding and management of network routing. UPDATE

Cloud Storage Autoclass for existing buckets

Google Cloud's Cloud Storage Autoclass now extends to existing buckets, automating data lifecycle management for cost optimization. UPDATE


Google Cloud expands Assured Workloads

Assured Workloads by Google Cloud now includes Japan regions and a new analysis tool, enhancing compliance and data residency capabilities. UPDATE

App Building

Azure Cosmos DB launches MongoDB vCore

Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB vCore, now generally available, offers integrated, efficient database solutions for MongoDB workloads. UPDATE

BigQuery adds cross-region replication

Google Cloud introduces cross-region dataset replication for BigQuery, enhancing geo-redundancy and supporting region migration use cases. UPDATE

Memorystore for Redis Cluster in GA

Google Cloud's Memorystore for Redis Cluster achieves general availability, offering significant performance improvements and 99.99% SLA. UPDATE

Cloud SQL simplifies Enterprise upgrades

Google Cloud announces in-place upgrade feature for Cloud SQL, transitioning from Enterprise to Enterprise Plus editions with minimal disruption. UPDATE

Azure Logic Apps gains Application Insights

Azure Logic Apps (standard) now features general availability enhancements for Application Insights, improving insights and cost efficiency. UPDATE

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