Gartner trends for cloud, data center infrastructure

Gartner trends for cloud, data center infrastructure

Updates related to SageMaker, Azure Workbook, Google Colab, Azure Firewall, Azure Backup, Neptune Serverless

NPW Research
  • Cloud teams to optimize, refactor cloud infrastructure for efficiency and resilience
  • Data center teams to adopt cloud principles on-premises and embrace as-a-service models.
  • Skills growth becomes the top priority in infrastructure modernization initiatives READ MORE


Amazon SageMaker empowers geospatial ML

  • Access geospatial data sources, process and enrich datasets, and select pretrained ML models.
  • Analyze predictions on interactive maps, share and collaborate on results within SageMaker UPDATE

Management Tools

Azure Workbook for reliability and resiliency analysis

New workbook that assesses configuration and offers best practices to optimize workloads, prepare for events, and mitigate risks in case of outages. UPDATE

App Building

Google Colab introduces AI coding features with Codey

  • Features include code completions, natural language to code generation, and a code-assisting chatbot.
  • Codey models built on PaLM 2
  • Eligible Colab users in US to have access for now UPDATE

Amazon Omics integrates with Amazon EventBridge

Enables customers to incorporate Omics published events into their event-driven architecture, facilitating improved insights from genomic data UPDATE


Google introduces generative AI focused training content

  • Generative AI Learning Path includes courses such as Introduction to generative AI, Large Language Models, Attention Mechanism, Transformer Models, Image Generation
  • Other AI/ML training options include courses on TensorFlow, MLOps, language processing, machine learning engineering, and certification exams. UPDATE


Policy analytics simplifies Azure Firewall rule optimization

Provides visibility into firewall traffic, aiding IT teams in optimizing Azure Firewall rules without disrupting applications and causing downtime. UPDATE

Amazon Detective integrates with more AWS services

  • Provides root cause analysis from eight more AWS services
  • New data sources include AWS Config, Amazon Inspector, AWS IoT Device Defender
  • Enable AWS Security Findings as a data source in Detective for automatic ingestion of findings from integrated services UPDATE

Provisioning + Runtime

Azure Container Storage simplifies persistent volumes for containers

  • Supports block storage volumes for stateful container applications on Kubernetes
  • Optimized for performance, resilience, and cost-efficiency on AKS
  • Accelerates deployment with fast attach/detach, reduces pod failover time
  • Reduces TCO for container storage. UPDATE

In preview: Azure Backup adds support for confidential VM backup

  • Backup of confidential VMs with confidential OS disk encryption
  • Enhanced policy required for backup; item-level and cross-region restore not supported.
  • Restore also supported in accidental loss of customer managed key or disk encryption set. UPDATE

AWS Cloud Formation enables Neptune Serverless cluster management

Supports creation, management, and version upgrades of Neptune Serverless clusters, providing an easier way to work with highly connected datasets. UPDATE

Google Cloud customization of idle VM recommendations

Active Assist now allows users to configure the observation period for idle VM recommendations, providing flexibility to adjust settings based on project needs and cost savings optimization. UPDATE


Azure Monitor for SAP solutions streamlines monitoring

  • End-to-end technical monitoring for SAP applications on Azure
  • Collects telemetry data from SAP NetWeaver, databases, and operating systems
  • Supports transport layer security, CPU/memory/disk I/O performance alerts READ MORE

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