Top updates: ChatGPT in Azure,  Azure gateway for telcos, AWS Application Composer

Top updates: ChatGPT in Azure, Azure gateway for telcos, AWS Application Composer

Azure Communications Gateway, AWS Application Composer, Streaming ETL in AWS Glue, Cloud Spanner enhancements

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Top News (March 6-March 12)

MongoDB deeper integration with BigQuery and Vertex AI in expanded Google Cloud partnership DETAILS

ChatGPT now on Azure OpenAI, with dedicated interface to customize ChatGPT models AZURE BLOG

Cloud Spanner enhancements and price drops; 9-replica multi-regional configurations to cost $7/node/hr now GCP BLOG

12 new resource types in AWS Resource Explorer for SQS, ElastiCache and AWS Lambda UPDATE

Azure Communications Gateway, a voice gateway for operators to provide fixed-line and mobile calling solutions for Teams users via cloud, launched. DETAILS

AWS Application Composer in GA now with improvements; enables visual build of serverless apps AWS BLOG

2 new features in Azure SQL Migration extension; new workflow to migrate logins and server roles from on-prem SQL Server included UPDATE

Regional placement in Dataflow now; now enrolls Dataflow jobs in all AZs within relevant regions to improve scalability and reliability UPDATE

Streaming ETL supported in AWS Glue now; update also brings upgraded data integration engines for Spark and Python UPDATE

Subscribers-only Insights (March 6-March 12)

  1. Spotlight on Cloud Cost Management (Flexera report + case study + pricing guide)
  2. New computer vision model from Microsoft
  3. Latest in app architecture: "cloud-bound" applications
  4. CNCF whitepaper on edge native
  5. New, guided investigation in Azure WAF
  6. Take-outs from SEI's Zero Trust Industry event
  7. CTO Summit report on cloud adoption
  8. Preventing architectural erosion
  9. Last week's topic trends for cloud architects
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