DeepMind's new algorithm will surpass ChatGPT: CEO

DeepMind's new algorithm will surpass ChatGPT: CEO

Updates related to Amazon Sagemaker, Google PostgreSQL services, AWS Glue, Azure Kubernetes Service, GKE and more

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Google Cloud unveils AI-driven anti-money-laundering tool

  • Google Cloud introduces an AI-driven tool for anti-money-laundering.
  • Moves away from rules-based programming, reducing system-generated false positives.
  • Notable users include HSBC, Banco Bradesco, and Lunar. UPDATE

Amazon SageMaker integrates with Snowflake

Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler now supports direct Snowflake connection, reducing data preparation time for ML from weeks to minutes. UPDATE

DeepMind's new algorithm will surpass ChatGPT: CEO

  • DeepMind's Gemini, still under development, aims to exceed ChatGPT's capabilities.
  • Combines text-based large models with techniques from AlphaGo for problem-solving.
  • Likely to play a key role in Google's competitive strategy against generative AI. UPDATE


Google Cloud introduces Generative AI Learning Path

  • Google Cloud Skills Boost features a free Generative AI Learning Path.
  • Path includes 10 courses on theory, tools, and services for Generative AI.
  • Discusses GenAI model types, AI principles, and Encoder-Decoder architecture. UPDATE

App Building

PostgreSQL services add vector support for AI apps

  • Enables storing, querying vectors in Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL, AlloyDB for PostgreSQL.
  • Vector embeddings generated by large language models (LLMs) can be stored, indexed.
  • Ideal for use cases such as product recommendations, language translation, summarization.
  • Integrates with Vertex AI, custom Vertex AI models. UPDATE

AWS SAM CLI launches remote invoke

AWS SAM CLI introduces remote invoke command, enabling developers to swiftly invoke AWS Lambda functions deployed on AWS cloud with varied invocation modes. UPDATE

AWS Glue supports Snowflake, adds ETL

AWS Glue for Spark now supports Snowflake connector with new ETL capabilities, enabling easier data preview, query, and table creation. UPDATE


AKS previews network observability add-on

  • Enables network observability on AKS clusters, gathering metrics in Prometheus format.
  • Provides access to node-level network metrics.
  • Supports Azure CNIs, all AKS node types, easy deployment using native Azure tools.
  • Integrates with Azure-managed Prometheus and Grafana. UPDATE

GKE's Security Posture dashboard now GA

  • Streamlines security management of GKE clusters with features like misconfiguration detection, vulnerability scanning.
  • Supports up to 1,000 GKE nodes.
  • Introduces security bulletin surfacing, on by default for new clusters. UPDATE

AWS Step Functions rolls out Versions and Aliases

AWS Step Functions introduces Versions and Aliases for workflows, allowing more resilient deployments and easier setup of continuous deployment. UPDATE


Managed Service for Prometheus adds trace exemplars

  • Trace exemplars provide cross-signals correlation between metrics and traces.
  • Allows identification of abnormal user experiences.
  • Exemplars link high-latency issue with metrics and root cause analysis with traces.
  • Exemplars retained for 24 months, works with Cloud Trace, third-party tracing tools. UPDATE

Provisioning + Runtime

Azure NetApp Files adds double encryption

Azure NetApp Files now features double encryption at-rest with multiple independent layers, mitigating risks such as compromised keys and configuration errors. UPDATE

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