Anthropic introduces Claude 2, second-gen AI chatbot

Anthropic introduces Claude 2, second-gen AI chatbot

Updates related to Amazon SageMaker, Cloud SQL Enterprise, Azure Communication Services, DynamoDB, GKE and more

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Amazon SageMaker integrates model cards, registry

  • Amazon SageMaker Model Cards now linked with SageMaker Model Registry.
  • Allows for a single source of truth for registered model versions.
  • Facilitates discoverability, governance, compliance, accountability throughout model lifecycle. UPDATE

Anthropic introduces Claude 2, second-gen AI chatbot

  • Anthropic releases Claude 2, an AI chatbot succeeding their first model.
  • Features better performance in coding, document searching, summarizing and question answering.
  • Maintains safety measures, features improvements in response harmlessness and biased responses. UPDATE

App Building

Debating global developer population size

Disparity in estimates on global developer population, IDC puts paid professionals at around 16 million in 2022. UPDATE

Cloud SQL Enterprise Plus boosts MySQL performance

  • 3x higher read throughput, 2x improvement in write latency.
  • Near-zero downtime, 99.99% availability SLA, 35 days log retention.
  • Also offers enhanced performance for PostgreSQL. UPDATE

Call automation capabilities in Azure Communication Services

Allows businesses to build custom calling workflows within their applications, abstracting the complexity of telephony systems. UPDATE

Google Cloud allows multiple Firestore databases

Allows creation of multiple databases in a project to isolate data, microservices, or dev/test/staging environments, with database-level aggregation of metrics. UPDATE

DynamoDB local version 2.0 announced

Local version now uses jakarta.* namespace, enabling Java developers to build modernized, lightweight cloud native applications. UPDATE

AWS CodeBuild integrates GitHub Actions

AWS CodeBuild now supports GitHub Actions, enabling customers to utilize pre-built actions from GitHub's marketplace. UPDATE


Dual-stack GKE clusters get IPv6 enhancements

  • Load Balancer Services, FQDN Network Policies, Dataplane V2 now IPv6-aware.
  • Ensures high availability, security, and observability for IPv6 workloads. UPDATE

AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store ups API limit

API throughput limit for GetParameter and GetParameters APIs now increased to 10,000 transactions per second (TPS). UPDATE

Amazon EKS enhances Windows containers pod density

Amazon EKS now allows up to 250 pods on a single Windows Server node using IPv4 prefix delegation mode. UPDATE

Provisioning + Runtime

Azure cross-region Load Balancer now GA

  • Ultra-low latency traffic distribution, high performance.
  • Static global anycast IP address for each instance.
  • Can add/remove regional deployments without interruption.
  • Backed by a 99.99% availability SLA, supports UDP traffic, floating IP. UPDATE

Public preview of Azure's latest burstable VMs

Bsv2, Basv2, and Bpsv2 virtual machines offer a baseline CPU utilization with the capacity to expand as workload increases. UPDATE

Azure AD transitions to Microsoft Entra ID

The name change represents the unification of Microsoft Entra products, with no changes to capabilities, licensing, or pricing. UPDATE

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