Google Cloud expands BigQuery's blockchain datasets

Google Cloud expands BigQuery's blockchain datasets

Updates related to BigQuery, Dataplex, Azure Web Pubsub, Azure API Center, EMR Serverless, DynamoDB, AWS Application Composer

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BigQuery Omni enables cross-cloud SQL joins

  • Introduces cross-cloud join feature in BigQuery Omni.
  • Allows querying data across AWS S3, Azure Blob Store, and Google Cloud in one SQL statement.
  • Eliminates the need for data copy and complex ETL pipelines, reducing costs. UPDATE

Google Cloud expands BigQuery's blockchain datasets

  • Adds 11 new in-demand blockchain chains to BigQuery public datasets.
  • Includes Avalanche, Ethereum, Polkadot, and more.
  • Updates Bitcoin dataset with new Satoshis/Ordinals numbering scheme. UPDATE

Dataplex adds data profiling, automatic quality features

  • Announces general availability of data profiling and AutoDQ in Dataplex.
  • Enables data quality tasks from BigQuery and Dataplex UI.
  • New configuration options for row and column filters, and sampling. UPDATE

Azure API Center in public preview

Azure API Center, part of Azure API Management platform, is now open for public preview, offering features to manage and discover APIs across a company. UPDATE

Web PubSub supports Socket.IO

Azure Web PubSub introduces Socket.IO support, allowing developers to focus on building real-time experiences. UPDATE

EMR Serverless updates defaults

Amazon EMR Serverless introduces application-wide default job configurations, standardizing settings for all Spark and Hive jobs. UPDATE

DynamoDB introduces incremental export to S3

Amazon DynamoDB now allows incremental data export to S3, enabling users to export changed data without doing a full table export. UPDATE

AWS Application Composer expands resource support

AWS Application Composer now supports all 1000+ resources provided by AWS CloudFormation, offering greater flexibility in application architecture. UPDATE

Hybrid Access Mode for AWS Glue Data Catalog

AWS Lake Formation launches Hybrid Access Mode, allowing selective enablement of Lake Formation without disrupting existing workloads. UPDATE

Role-based access in Redshift WLM

Amazon Redshift now supports role-based access control in workload management, allowing query routing based on user roles. UPDATE

Sample data generation in NoSQL Workbench

NoSQL Workbench for Amazon DynamoDB now allows generation of human-readable sample data for easier prototyping. UPDATE

AWS HealthImaging supports CloudFormation

AWS HealthImaging now offers support for AWS CloudFormation, facilitating the automation of DevOps processes. UPDATE

Provisioning + Runtime

Free data transfer on Google Cloud

Starting October, Google Cloud offers 200 GB free internet data transfer per month for Standard Tier customers. UPDATE

GitHub Security for Azure DevOps

GitHub Advanced Security for Azure DevOps is now available, offering automated security checks in the developer workflow. UPDATE

Dataform enhances Google security

Dataform can now deploy Community Security Analytics on BigQuery, making it easier to get security insights from Google Cloud logs. UPDATE


SageMaker supports one-time monitoring jobs

Amazon SageMaker Model Monitor now offers on-demand monitoring jobs for quick troubleshooting of machine learning models. UPDATE


App Runner improves Auto-Scaling management

AWS App Runner launches updates to better manage Auto-Scaling Configuration resources. UPDATE

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