Salesforce launches Einstein Copilot Studio

Salesforce launches Einstein Copilot Studio

Updates related to Dataflow, Bigtable, Azure SQL, Defender for Storage, OpenAI Whisper, Document AI Workbench, Amazon EMR, BigQuery and more

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Dynamic destinations launched in Dataflow

  • Pub/Sub critical for data streaming insights.
  • Dataflow introduces dynamic destinations for Pub/Sub topics.
  • Simplifies publishing to multiple topics with a single publisher client.
  • Two methods for using dynamic destinations provided.
  • Enhances data security by segregating data based on message attributes. UPDATE

Bigtable introduces change streams feature

  • Bigtable change streams capture table mutations in real-time.
  • Recommended use with Dataflow connector for abstraction.
  • Can be enabled through various platforms including Console and gcloud CLI.
  • Change streams allow real-time data tracking and automated tasks.
  • Example use cases include data enrichment with AI, full-text search, event-based notifications, and real-time analytics. UPDATE

Azure SQL updates in mid-September

  • Verify Azure SQL Database backups using sys.dm_database_backups.
  • Azure SQL Database Hyperscale backups retained for up to 35 days.
  • Long-term retention of backups for up to 10 years. UPDATE

OpenSearch Serverless expands auto-scaling

Amazon OpenSearch Serverless now handles higher query rates through improved auto-scaling. UPDATE


Malware scanning now available Defender for Storage

  • Malware Scanning in Defender for Storage available from September 1.
  • Features real-time agentless protection using Microsoft Defender Antivirus.
  • Simple enablement, flexible pricing, and versatile use-cases.
  • Billing starts on September 3. UPDATE

Chronicle SecOps unifies solutions on Google Cloud

  • Chronicle Security Operations platform unifies SOAR and SIEM solutions.
  • Enables security teams to detect and investigate threats faster.
  • Consolidated experience for Chronicle SIEM and SOAR with single-console access.
  • Utilizes Duet AI for enhanced threat detection and natural language search. UPDATE

Azure Key Vault enhances App Service security

Azure Key Vault now supports storing and retrieving Azure Storage account access keys for App Service. UPDATE


Salesforce launches Einstein Copilot Studio

  • Einstein Copilot Studio offers prompt builder, skills builder, and model builder.
  • Allows customization of Salesforce base Einstein GPT and Copilot.
  • Supports third-party offerings like Anthropic, Cohere, and Google Cloud's Vertex AI.
  • "Einstein Trust Layer" manages security, governance, and data privacy.
  • Studio helps automate or involve human in responses based on risk. UPDATE

OpenAI Whisper model preview in Azure services

  • OpenAI Whisper now in Azure OpenAI Service & Azure AI Speech preview.
  • Provides transcription in 57 languages and translation to English.
  • Transcripts boast enhanced readability. UPDATE

Generative AI powers Document AI Workbench

  • Document AI structures data for automation and insights.
  • Document AI Workbench launched for custom document processing tasks.
  • Generative AI technologies boost document processing workflows.
  • New features: Custom Extractor with generative AI and Summarizer.
  • Custom Extractor extracts data from various document types. UPDATE

New features in Azure Machine Learning

  • Public Preview introduces vision-based models in model catalog.
  • Prompt Flow code-first functionality integrates with LLMOps.
  • Monitor LLM applications for safety and quality. UPDATE

Amazon Bedrock connects to private data

Amazon Bedrock in preview integrates private data sources with foundation models for better AI application responses. UPDATE


  • Amazon EMR on EKS now supports managed Apache Flink in public preview.
  • Customers can run Apache Flink applications on the same EKS cluster.
  • Simplifies provisioning and management for big data frameworks.
  • Requires only the installation of the Flink Kubernetes operator.
  • Integration with Amazon S3, CloudWatch, and container log rotation. UPDATE

Management tools

BigQuery rolls out new billing model

  • Focus on reducing BigQuery storage costs.
  • Physical Bytes Storage Billing (PBSB) introduced.
  • Offers cost savings with compression capabilities.
  • Two-step approach to optimize costs with PBSB.
  • Time Traveling feature allows querying updated or deleted data. UPDATE

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