BigQuery Studio collaborative analytics workspace announced

BigQuery Studio collaborative analytics workspace announced

Updates related to Bigtable, BigQuery, AWS Refactor Spaces, Amazon RDS and Aurora, AWS SAM, AlloyDB Omni and more

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Cloud Bigtable's new features at Next '23

  • Hybrid analytical and transactional processing (HTAP) and multi-cloud capabilities introduced.
  • Event-driven apps via change streams, integrating with other systems.
  • Save 20-40% with Bigtable nodes' committed use discounts.
  • Bi-directional Bigtable-HBase replication for multi-cloud/hybrid-cloud.
  • Request priorities for balancing batch processing with latency-sensitive queries. UPDATE

Google's Memorystore for Redis Cluster previewed

  • Up to 60x more throughput, microseconds latencies.
  • 10 times more data support, zero-downtime scaling, 99.99% availability.
  • Launched with Private Service Connect for a secure connection. UPDATE

BigQuery data clean rooms in preview

  • Available in preview across all Analytics Hub regions.
  • Deploy clean rooms quickly, collaborate without moving underlying data.
  • N-way joins with thousands of datasets in Analytics Hub.
  • Advanced rules for data protection and management tools. UPDATE

BigQuery Studio collaborative analytics workspace announced

  • Unified workspace for data analytics suite from ingestion to AI.
  • Use SQL, Python, Spark within BigQuery and integrate with Vertex AI.
  • Extends software best practices to analytics assets.
  • AI-powered collaborator Duet AI for contextual code assistance.
  • Unified security and governance with fine-grained policies.

Azure SQL's August updates now GA

  • External REST endpoint invocation is GA.
  • Integration with Azure Services like Functions, OpenAI, and PowerBI directly from Azure SQL Database. UPDATE

AWS launches Refactor Spaces automation

AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces introduces an SSM automation document post launch action, aiding app modernization post-migration. UPDATE

AWS Clean Rooms announces enhanced configurability

  • New capabilities: Configurable analysis results, Apache Iceberg support preview.
  • Allows separate members for analysis queries and results receipt.
  • Enables analysis on Apache Iceberg tables, with updated data and schema support. UPDATE

Amazon RDS, Aurora extends MySQL, PostgreSQL support

  • RDS Extended Support for Aurora and RDS databases: MySQL 5.7, PostgreSQL 11 and higher versions.
  • Gives 3 more years to upgrade after community end of life.
  • Available for Aurora MySQL, PostgreSQL editions, RDS for MySQL and PostgreSQL. UPDATE

Universal geo restore for Azure MySQL Flexible Server

Feature allows restoring source server instance to a different Azure supported region for disaster recovery. UPDATE

Amazon renames Kinesis Data Analytics

Renamed to Amazon Managed Service for Apache Flink, it facilitates real-time data transformation and analysis using Apache Flink. UPDATE

Amazon OpenSearch Ingestion integrates with MSK

Supports ingesting streaming data from Amazon MSK, enabling near-real-time aggregations, sampling, anomaly detection, and data pipeline efficiency. UPDATE

AWS SAM CLI extends support to Terraform projects

AWS SAM CLI now supports local testing and debugging on Terraform, enabling users to test and debug AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway in Terraform apps locally in Docker containers. UPDATE


AlloyDB Omni preview with new AI capabilities

  • Public preview of AlloyDB Omni announced at Google Cloud Next.
  • Supports AlloyDB AI for generative AI applications.
  • Compatibility with PostgreSQL 15 and tools for easier management.
  • Supported in Database Service for Google Distributed Cloud Hosted. UPDATE

Duet AI integrates with Apigee API, Application Integration

  • Enables developers to build APIs connecting Vertex AI or ChatGPT.
  • Duet AI in Apigee: Create API specs from natural language, auto highlights syntax errors, and recommends improvements.
  • Duet AI in Application Integration: Automatically suggests integration flows using natural language and generates documentation, functional test cases. UPDATE


Azure Container Apps dedicated plan available

  • Dedicated plan in new workload profiles environment type.
  • Workload profiles define compute and memory resources.
  • Supports general purpose and memory-optimized profiles, up to 32 vCPU’s and 256 GiB’s.
  • Both consumption and dedicated plans supported. UPDATE

Azure Functions boosts .NET cold starts

  • Improved cold start for .NET apps using isolated worker model.
  • Platform feature can be enabled via application setting and project file changes. UPDATE

Azure Container Apps introduces jobs

  • Supports jobs to run serverless containers to completion.
  • Three trigger types: manual, scheduled, and event-driven.
  • Common scenarios: data migration, batch jobs, event responses, CI/CD builds.
  • Both Consumption and Dedicated plans supported. UPDATE

AWS Step Functions enhances Workflow Studio

AWS Step Functions improves Workflow Studio in the AWS console, offering seamless transition between visual builder and code, and introducing starter projects for faster workflow builds. UPDATE

Amazon AppFlow introduces concurrent processing for SAP

Amazon AppFlow now supports concurrent processing and configurable page sizes for data transfers from SAP applications to AWS services, reducing data transfer times. UPDATE

Provisioning + Runtime

Oracle to PostgreSQL migrations enhanced in DMS

  • Oracle to PostgreSQL migrations now general availability in DMS.
  • Integrated code conversion for schema and complex PL/SQL.
  • Duet AI assists in code conversion, refining based on user edits.
  • New integrated code conversion capability announced at Google Cloud Next. UPDATE

Azure VMs default to trusted launch

  • VMs hardened with security features for verified bootloaders, OS kernels.
  • Features include secure boot, vTPM, boot integrity monitoring.
  • Trusted launch is now default for VMs via Azure portal. UPDATE

AWS MGN adds modernization, validation features

  • Automates source server conversion for native AWS run.
  • New actions: Autoscaling group configuration, tagging validation, AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces.
  • Autoscaling, tagging available in all AWS MGN regions. Migration Hub Refactor Spaces integration in regions with both services. UPDATE

Azure Portal adds Azure Database Migration Service

Use DMS from Azure Portal, ADS extension, or Azure PowerShell/CLI. Start migrations from SQL Server on-premises to Azure SQL targets, and configure an integration runtime. UPDATE

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