InfoWorld announces Best of Open Source Software 2023 winners

InfoWorld announces Best of Open Source Software 2023 winners

Updates related to AlloyDB, SageMaker Canvas, AWS Manager, Cloud Firewall, GKE, Step Functions, EKS and more

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InfoWorld announces Best of Open Source Software 2023 winners

  • InfoWorld's annual Best of Open Source Software Awards, known as Bossies, reveal top picks for 2023.
  • Among the 25 winners are a range of technologies including programming languages, analytics engines, and machine learning libraries.
  • Apache Hudi, Apache Iceberg, and Apache Superset are among the noteworthy projects highlighted. UPDATE

AlloyDB offers deep discounts with committed use

  • AlloyDB introduces committed use discounts (CUDs) for database compute usage.
  • A 25% discount is available for a one-year commitment, and a 52% discount for a three-year commitment.
  • CUDs apply to vCPU and memory across all projects and regions on a single Cloud Billing account. UPDATE

Service Catalog supports additional IaC tools

AWS Service Catalog now accommodates third-party Infrastructure as Code tools like Ansible, Chef, and Pulumi, alongside AWS CloudFormation. UPDATE

OpenSearch introduces Search Pipelines

New feature in OpenSearch 2.9, Search Pipelines, simplifies building query and result processing pipelines. UPDATE


SageMaker Canvas adds real-time endpoints

Amazon SageMaker Canvas now supports deploying machine learning models to real-time inferencing endpoints, eliminating manual steps. UPDATE

Management Tools

AWS Systems Manager supports SAP HANA

AWS Systems Manager Application Manager now extends operational activities support to SAP HANA databases. UPDATE

AWS System Manager now default

AWS now allows enabling Systems Manager by default for all EC2 instances within an organization configured to use AWS Organizations. UPDATE


GKE introduces Stateful HA Operator in preview

  • Stateful HA Operator is a new feature for GKE, currently in public preview.
  • Provides proactive controls and integrates with regional persistent disk (RePD).
  • Aims to reduce failover times and offers full observability. UPDATE

AWS Step Functions optimized for EMR Serverless

AWS Step Functions launches Optimized Integration for Amazon EMR Serverless, simplifying data processing pipelines. UPDATE

EKS allows updates to cluster settings

Amazon EKS now enables modification of subnets and security groups for existing clusters, simplifying cluster management. UPDATE

Amazon ECS improves task resiliency

Amazon ECS updates task scheduling to increase application resilience during unexpected load spikes without additional configuration. UPDATE


Cloud Firewall Standard unveils FQDN feature

  • Fully qualified domain name (FQDN) feature now available in Cloud Firewall Standard tier.
  • Expanded threat intelligence lists and IP reputation now included.
  • IPv6 and GKE node pool support for IAM tags are in public preview. UPDATE

AWS Entity Resolution enhances data protection

AWS Entity Resolution now supports AWS PrivateLink, providing private, encrypted connectivity between your datasets and Amazon VPC. UPDATE

Provisioning + Runtime

AWS Cloud WAN introduces Tunnel-less connect

  • New feature, Tunnel-less connect, simplifies SD-WAN integration in AWS Cloud WAN.
  • Removes the need for specialized tunneling protocols like IPsec or GRE.
  • Offers higher bandwidth, up to 100 Gbps per Availability Zone. UPDATE

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