AWS previews CodeWhisperer customization

AWS previews CodeWhisperer customization

Updates related to Azure OpenAI, OpenSearch, Azure MySQL, AWS Manager, Code Catalyst, Azure Private Link and more

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AWS previews CodeWhisperer customization

AWS's new CodeWhisperer feature allows customization to provide precise code suggestions based on an organization's internal APIs. UPDATE

Azure integrates OpenAI with Cosmos DB

Azure OpenAI Studio now integrates with Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB vCore, allowing personalized, data-driven applications. UPDATE

AWS OpenSearch introduces Search Pipelines

New feature in OpenSearch 2.9, Search Pipelines, simplifies building query and result processing pipelines. UPDATE

Azure Private Link now allows connections to Azure Database for MySQL - Flexible Server via a private endpoint. UPDATE

Azure adds cross-region read replica

Azure Database for MySQL - Flexible Server now supports universal cross-region read replicas for read-only traffic and disaster protection. UPDATE

CodeCatalyst adds scheduled triggers

Amazon CodeCatalyst now supports scheduling workflows to run at predetermined times. UPDATE

AWS Manager supports SAP HANA

AWS Systems Manager Application Manager now extends operational activities support to SAP HANA databases. UPDATE

Provisioning + Runtime

Google unveils 4th Gen AMD EPYC VMs

Google announces C3D VMs with 4th Gen AMD EPYC processors, offering up to 54% performance improvement. UPDATE

AWS launches EC2 R7i instances

AWS introduces Amazon EC2 R7i instances with custom 4th Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors, offering up to 15% faster performance and better price performance compared to R6i instances. UPDATE

AWS enhances Elastic Disaster Recovery

AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery now allows recovery into an existing or original Amazon EC2 instance, reducing downtime and data loss. UPDATE


Azure ML features now generally available

  • Streamlined network isolation with Managed Network Isolation.
  • Local debugging of scoring scripts before production with Inference Server.
  • AzureML job statuses now viewable in Azure Pipelines, reducing unnecessary compute costs. UPDATE

Vertex AI integrates Mistral's advanced model

  • Mistral AI teams up with Google Cloud.
  • Mistral-7B foundational model integrated into Vertex AI.
  • New model optimizes both speed and accuracy. UPDATE

Public preview of new Azure ML features

  • Customizable compute instance experiences.
  • Unified model packaging for deployment.
  • Pixel-level image labeling through Semantic Segmentation.
  • Fine-tuning of new base inference models. UPDATE

SageMaker previews new ml instances

Amazon SageMaker introduces ml.p5.48xlarge instances for high-performance machine learning inference. UPDATE

SageMaker Canvas adds real-time endpoints

Amazon SageMaker Canvas now supports deploying machine learning models to real-time inferencing endpoints, eliminating manual steps. UPDATE


Azure AKS backup offers regional recovery

  • Scheduled backups of AKS clusters.
  • Restore clusters in secondary regions during regional disasters.
  • Data retention for compliance in regulated industries. UPDATE

AWS Step Functions optimized for EMR Serverless

AWS Step Functions launches Optimized Integration for Amazon EMR Serverless, simplifying data processing pipelines. UPDATE

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