Azure Cosmos DB with MongoDB vCore in GA

Azure Cosmos DB with MongoDB vCore in GA

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Azure Cosmos DB launches MongoDB vCore

Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB vCore, now generally available, offers integrated, efficient database solutions for MongoDB workloads. UPDATE

BigQuery adds cross-region replication

Google Cloud introduces cross-region dataset replication for BigQuery, enhancing geo-redundancy and supporting region migration use cases. UPDATE

Memorystore for Redis Cluster goes GA

Google Cloud's Memorystore for Redis Cluster achieves general availability, offering significant performance improvements and 99.99% SLA. UPDATE

Cloud SQL simplifies Enterprise upgrades

Google Cloud announces in-place upgrade feature for Cloud SQL, transitioning from Enterprise to Enterprise Plus editions with minimal disruption. UPDATE

Azure Logic Apps gains Application Insights

Azure Logic Apps (standard) now features general availability enhancements for Application Insights, improving insights and cost efficiency. UPDATE

Azure Backup extends PostgreSQL support

Azure Backup introduces long-term retention up to 10 years for Azure Database for PostgreSQL–Flexible Server in its latest preview. UPDATE

Summary: Public preview of online disaster recovery feature between SQL Server 2022 and Azure SQL Managed Instance announced, leveraging Always On technology. UPDATE

Amazon EMR Studio integrates CodeWhisperer

Amazon EMR Studio now supports Amazon CodeWhisperer, offering real-time code suggestions for data scientists and engineers. UPDATE

Amazon S3 Connector for PyTorch launched

Amazon introduces the S3 Connector for PyTorch, optimizing data loading and checkpoint performance in machine learning training jobs. UPDATE

Amazon OpenSearch adds Neural Retrieval

OpenSearch Service 2.11 includes Neural Sparse Retrieval, improving semantic understanding in search applications with low computational cost. UPDATE

Amazon DocumentDB launches I/O-Optimized

Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) I/O-Optimized is now generally available, offering cost-effective performance for I/O-intensive applications. UPDATE


Amazon DocumentDB integrates SageMaker Canvas

Amazon DocumentDB now supports no-code machine learning with Amazon SageMaker Canvas, facilitating easy model building and prediction. UPDATE

AWS IoT SiteWise supports batched data

AWS IoT SiteWise now enables ingestion of buffered and batched measurement data, optimizing time-series data analysis. UPDATE


Looker Studio introduces new features

  • Looker Studio adds personal report links for self-serve analytics.
  • Features auto-refresh for up-to-date business insights.
  • Quick filters for powerful data exploration, improved filtering speed.
  • Pausing updates optimizes query volume and cost. UPDATE

Azure Stream Analytics integrates Kafka

Azure Stream Analytics now supports direct connection to Kafka clusters, offering low-code, fully-managed solutions with backward compatibility. UPDATE

Kinesis Data Streams enhances Lambda access

Amazon Kinesis Data Streams now supports cross-account access with AWS Lambda, enabling serverless data streaming pipelines. UPDATE

CloudFront announces KeyValueStore

Amazon CloudFront introduces KeyValueStore, a global key value datastore, enabling low-latency data retrieval within CloudFront Functions. UPDATE

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