Public preview of Workflow Assistant by Azure

Public preview of Workflow Assistant by Azure

Ignite 2023 updates related to CosmosDB AI, Microsoft Dev Box, Logic Apps, Azure Service Bus, Azure AI Studio, AMD VMs

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App Building

Public preview of Workflow Assistant by Azure

Azure introduces an AI-powered workflow assistant for Azure Logic Apps, now in public preview, enhancing the developer experience. UPDATE

Azure Cosmos DB integrates with OpenAI

Azure OpenAI Studio's "Use your data" feature now integrates with Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB vCore, enhancing AI model functionality. UPDATE

Microsoft Dev Box Adds New Features

Microsoft Dev Box introduces new capabilities for customization and simplification of Dev Box setup for development teams. UPDATE

Azure Logic Apps' Data Mapper released

Azure Logic Apps' Data Mapper, aiding in visual data transformation, is now generally available as a Visual Studio Code extension. UPDATE

Azure Service Bus enhances partitioning

Azure Service Bus Premium now offers partitioned namespaces, improving overall throughput and performance. UPDATE


Azure AI Studio showcased at Ignite 2023

Azure AI Studio, an end-to-end platform for building AI applications, is highlighted at Ignite 2023, showcasing its capabilities. UPDATE

Azure Machine Learning's November public preview

  • Choose models/datasets without running jobs.
  • Direct data access from Fabric OneLake Lakehouse.
  • Model-as-a-Service with inference APIs and hosted tuning. UPDATE

Azure Machine Learning's November GA features

  • Discover and operationalize large foundation models.
  • Managed Feature Store for faster model experimentation.
  • Serverless compute for model training. UPDATE

Provisioning + Runtime

Microsoft introduces custom AI, Arm-based chips

  • Custom AI chip and Arm-based CPU for Azure.
  • Targeted for large language model training.
  • Enhanced performance, power, and cost optimization. UPDATE

New generation AMD VMs in Azure

  • Enhanced performance AMD-based VMs.
  • Optimized memory to core ratios for diverse needs.
  • Azure Boost for improved storage and networking. UPDATE


Kubernetes AI toolchain operator on Azure

Azure Kubernetes Service introduces a toolchain operator for efficient deployment of machine learning workloads like large language models. UPDATE


Azure's Confidential Consortium Framework preview

  • Decentralized trust and governance platform.
  • Customizable multi-party governance.
  • Confidential Computing for technical data protection. UPDATE

Microsoft unveils Security Copilot

Microsoft combines Sentinel and Defender XDR into a unified security platform, featuring the AI-driven Security Copilot. UPDATE

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