Duet AI enters general availability

Duet AI enters general availability

Updates related to Vertex AI, Gemini Pro, Amazon Amplify, Amazon SES, Front Door, Cloud TPU, Azure Confidential VMs and more

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Imagen 2 now available on Vertex AI

  • Imagen 2, advanced text-to-image technology, now generally available on Vertex AI.
  • Offers high-quality, photorealistic images from natural language prompts.
  • Features multi-language text rendering, logo generation, and visual Q&A.
  • Enhanced safety and privacy with built-in features and copyright indemnification.
  • Used by Snap and Shutterstock for creative image generation. UPDATE

Duet AI enters general availability

  • Duet AI for Developers and Security Operations now GA.
  • Enhances developer productivity with AI-powered code assistance.
  • Streamlines troubleshooting, issue remediation in Google Cloud.
  • Duet AI in Security Operations boosts threat detection and response.
  • Supported by a growing ecosystem of code-assist and knowledge-base partners. UPDATE

Gemini Pro launches on Vertex AI

  • Gemini Pro, flexible AI model, now available on Vertex AI.
  • Supports text, code, images, and video processing.
  • Offers customization, scalability, and responsible innovation.
  • Includes Automatic Side by Side model evaluation tool.
  • Aims to enhance search and conversational agents. UPDATE


Azure introduces EventBridge Pipes template

Azure Data Explorer (ADX) now supports migration to Private Endpoints with minimal downtime using a new preview feature. UPDATE

App Building 

AWS Amplify connects GraphQL to databases

AWS Amplify now supports existing MySQL and PostgreSQL databases for creating GraphQL APIs, simplifying backend integration. UPDATE

Amazon SES launches delivery alerts

Amazon SES now offers proactive alerts for improving email delivery and engagement through Amazon EventBridge notifications. UPDATE

Amazon Athena enables identity-based access

Amazon Athena introduces trusted identity propagation with AWS IAM Identity Center for secure data access and audit based on user identity. UPDATE

AWS launches IoT dashboard app

AWS announces a new open-sourced IoT dashboard application for visualizing and interacting with IoT data from AWS IoT SiteWise. UPDATE

Provisioning + Runtime

Google Cloud launches TPU v5p

  • Introduces Cloud TPU v5p, AI Hypercomputer for gen AI workloads.
  • TPU v5p offers scalable, high-performance AI acceleration.
  • AI Hypercomputer integrates hardware, software for AI/ML.
  • Supports JAX, TensorFlow, PyTorch with OpenXLA.
  • Aimed at training, tuning, and inference of large AI models. UPDATE

Azure delays domain front blocking

Azure postpones domain fronting block enforcement on AFD and CDN services to January 2024, adding new log fields. UPDATE

Azure's confidential VMs enter public preview

Azure releases DCesv5 and ECesv5-series VMs in public preview, featuring Intel TDX for confidential workloads. UPDATE


Cloud SQL enhances IAM group auth

  • Introduces IAM group authentication for Cloud SQL.
  • Simplifies large-scale data access management.
  • Combines security, user management, and compliance.
  • Streamlines database access for segmented teams.
  • Offers improved auditing and monitoring capabilities. UPDATE


Azure portal introduces AKS cost views

Azure portal now offers detailed Kubernetes costs analysis with the AKS cost analysis add-on, enabling granular cost visibility. UPDATE

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