Speech-to-Text V2 API, Chirp now GA

Speech-to-Text V2 API, Chirp now GA

Updates related to Cloud Deploy, BigQuery, Amazon QuickSight, AWS DataSync, AWS HealthOmics, CodePipeline and more

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App Building

Cloud Deploy adds deploy hooks for rollouts

  • Allows defining pre- and post-deployment operations during rollout.
  • Can be used with all target types and deployment strategies.
  • Enables tasks like database migrations and interacting with third-party platforms post-deployment. UPDATE

BigQuery supports manifest files for open table formats

BigQuery now supports manifest files, enhancing querying of open table formats like Apache Hudi, Delta Lake. This feature boosts performance, lowers cost. UPDATE

Amazon QuickSight introduces embedded callback actions

Supports integration with SaaS applications. Developers can register datapoint callbacks for custom workflows, business logic. UPDATE

AWS DataSync adds support for more cloud storage

Beyond Google Cloud, Azure, DataSync now supports DigitalOcean, Wasabi, Backblaze B2, Cloudflare R2, Oracle Cloud. Streamlines data migration, archiving. UPDATE

AWS HealthOmics introduces cross-account sharing

AWS HealthOmics now allows sharing of variant, annotation stores across accounts. Helps organizations share genomic data while retaining data ownership. UPDATE

AWS CodePipeline adds GitLab support

AWS CodePipeline can now use GitLab.com repositories for building, testing, deploying code changes. Extends existing source control provider support. UPDATE


Speech-to-Text V2 API, Chirp now GA

  • Speech-to-Text v2 API offers full regionalization and flexibility in Google Cloud region choice.
  • Features include Recognizers, Cloud Logging, and Audio Format Auto-Detection.
  • Chirp, part of Universal Speech Mode, enhances transcription; new reduced pricing introduced. UPDATE

Provisioning + Runtime

Azure Mv3 MM VMs public preview released

  • Powered by 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor and DDR5 DRAM.
  • Can scale for SAP workloads from 250GB to 4TB.
  • ~25% improvement in network throughput with Azure Boost.
  • Increased resilience against failures in memory, disks, and networking.
  • Available in both disk and diskless offerings. UPDATE

Azure Sphere integrates with Azure Resource Manager

  • New REST API for Azure Sphere Security Services.
  • Integrations include Azure Portal, Azure CLI, Azure Monitor, and Azure RBAC. UPDATE

Azure Backup adds Cross Region Restore for PostgreSQL

  • Enables access to backups in paired region at all times, including non-outage scenarios.
  • Optimal for recovery drills and high resiliency of backup data.
  • Available for PostgreSQL backups in select public regions. UPDATE

Mountpoint for Amazon S3 now available

  • High-throughput access to Amazon S3, reducing processing times and costs.
  • Translates local file system API calls to S3 object API calls.
  • Ideal for large dataset workloads like machine learning and autonomous vehicle data processing.
  • Supports various read and write operations. UPDATE

AWS mainframe replication with Precisely released

  • Data replication by Precisely now available for AWS Mainframe Modernization.
  • Real-time replication from mainframe data stores to AWS databases.
  • Supports offloading data processing and creating new functions.
  • Near-zero downtime during production switchovers. UPDATE

Azure NetApp Files introduces cloud backup

Enables VM consistent snapshot backups on Azure NetApp Files datastores. Provides policy based automated backups integrated with Azure NetApp snapshot technology. UPDATE

Redis 7.0 on Memorystore introduces functions

Redis Functions reduce network bandwidth overhead, negate the need for client app script copies, and simplify troubleshooting. Also, improved in-transit encryption performance. UPDATE

Cloud Run previews direct VPC egress

Enables traffic to VPC network without a Serverless VPC Access connector. Easier setup, faster, handles more traffic, cost-effective. UPDATE

Amazon FSx for Windows File Server boosts max throughput

Service increases max throughput from 2 GB/s to 12 GB/s, and IOPS from 80,000 to 350,000. Benefits performance-intensive workloads, VDI. UPDATE


Workforce Identity Federation unveils new features

  • Supports authorization code flow and implicit flow for OpenID Connect providers.
  • Enables SAML token encryption for added security.
  • Provides programmatic access to Google Cloud through API and CLI.
  • Expanded support to GKE, Chronicle, Cloud Storage, and Cloud Billing. UPDATE

Google Cloud enhances global data processing terms

  • Updates to Cloud Data Processing Addendum (CDPA) for Google Cloud, Google Workspace, and other services.
  • Commitments extended to a broader customer base beyond European data protection laws.
  • Support for compliance with California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and GDPR included.
  • Centralized and clarified privacy and security terms for better transparency. UPDATE

AWS Backup unveils air-gapped vault preview

  • Preview of logically air-gapped vault announced for AWS Backup.
  • Enables secure backup sharing across accounts, supporting direct restores.
  • Immutable backup copies locked by default, encrypted with AWS-owned keys.
  • Vault sharing and direct restore using AWS Resource Access Manager (RAM). UPDATE

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