Issue# 72: Jan 2 -Jan 8

News related to Google Cloud AI, S3 object encryption, predictive scaling in EC2, Azure Arc-enabled SQL Server feature, and cloud-native security trends for 2023.

Public preview of three capabilities in Google Cloud Document AI

Page level quality metrics based on eight dimensions, support for digital PDF documents, and specific model version of Document AI OCR engine for extended usage.
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Automatic encryption of all new objects on Amazon S3

S3-managed server-side encryption, which uses 256-bit AES will be applied as a base level of encryption on all new objects at no additional cost or performance impact.
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Viewing Databases for Azure Arc-enabled SQL Server in public preview

Lets you inventory all databases across Azure, edge sites, data centers, and other clouds, view and query their properties, create charts based on the results.
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More accurate predictive scaling for Amazon EC2

By reducing forecast interval from 24 hours to 6 hours, Amazon EC2 will offer more accurate and adaptive predictive scaling policies.
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GKE announces new control plane connectivity and isolation options

Now allow control plane access only via private endpoint, build mixed-mode clusters with public and private node pools, assign custom subnets to your cluster control plane to make GKE clusters completely private.
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New security best practice controls in AWS Security Hub

9 AWS Foundational Security Best Practice Standard controls to run automatic checks on AWS account settings and for Amazon EC2, SageMaker, API Gateway, CloudFront, CodeBuild, and more.
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Attackers will use new techniques to bypass agentless volume scanning solutions and shift left to scan code for vulnerabilities; eBPF malware will see growth, and severe vulnerabilities will be weaponized faster.
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