Issue# 71: Dec 5 - Dec 11

Azure Storage Mover, Amazon VPC Lattice launched; Amazon Inspector gets Lambda support, AKS Backup in preview, Amazon EFS improvement, Microsoft Office Machine Image on AWS

New high-performance file migration solution for Azure

Fully-managed hybrid migration service Azure Storage Mover lets you manage all migration agents in one place irrespective of deployment locations; preview supports NFS share to Azure blob migration.
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Amazon VPC Lattice enters preview

Application-layer networking service to enable cross-account, cross-VPC connectivity, application layer load balancing, request level routing, and service-to-service communication monitoring.
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Amazon Inspector gets support for AWS Lambda functions

Vulnerability management service will now automatically discover all eligible Lambda functions and identify vulnerabilities in application package dependencies used in the function code
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Amazon Elastic File System will now deliver lower latencies

Up to 60% lower read latencies for frequently accessed data and metadata, and 40% lower write latencies for files smaller than 64KB and metadata.
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Microsoft Sentinel Incident tasks to streamline incident response

Incident tasks panel shows open tasks with instructions and query recommendations; integrates task creation and completion in complex conditional workflows with playbooks.
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Azure Kubernetes Service Backup enters private preview

Lets you backup and restore stateless and stateful containerized applications running on AKS along with data stored within Persistent Volumes.
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Google Cloud gets provisional authorization for Impact Level 5 workloads

IL5 is the highest level of authorization for mission-critical information and national security systems information from the Department of Defense; now applies to multiple GCP products.
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Microsoft Office Amazon Machine Images on Amazon EC2

Amazon-provided licenses for Microsoft Office LTSC Professional Plus 2021 AMIs now available without any long-term licensing commitments; flexibility to modify user access on monthly basis
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BigQuery Omni Cross Cloud Transfer now generally available

LOAD SQL comes with support for more data formats, periodic sync, and data lake standards; federated identity model, improved job latency, and auditability of compute and transfer costs across clouds.
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