Issue 70: Nov 28 - Dec 4

AWS Glue launched, preview of Amazon CodeCatalyst and AWS Application Composer, new EC2 instances, GA of DocumentDB Elastic Clusters and Amazon Redshift integration for Apache Spark

AWS Glue 4.0 launched

Updated Python and Apache Spark engines which bring bug fixes and performance enhancements, added support for Pandas, Apache Hudi and Iceberg, and Delta Lake.
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Amazon Redshift integration for Apache Spark now generally available

The Spark connector and JDBC driver are available in Amazon EMR 6.9, EMR Serverless, and AWS Glue 4.0; requires appropriate IAM authentication before use
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New M6in, C6in, and R6in Amazon EC2 instances announced

Come with Ice Lake processors which bring 1.46x performance gains, Non-Uniform Memory Access, io2 Block Express compatibility, and Elastic Network Adapter
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Amazon DocumentDB Elastic Clusters generally available

Enables automatic scaling of your document database; uses sharding to partition data, and is highly available across three AZs by default.
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Amazon CodeCatalyst released in preview

Provides blueprints to set up shared project resources, replicate consistent developer environments, automates CI/CD, enables change tracing across push/pull.commit.
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exactly-once delivery generally available in Google Cloud Pub/Sub

Ensures messages are not redelivered once they are successfully acknowledged or while the acknowledgment deadline has not passed. See best practices and usage scenarios.
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Azure Automation Hybrid Runbook Worker Extension now generally available

Based on VM extensions framework, it enables execution of customer-provided scripts to manage hybrid multi-cloud workloads directly on the machines.
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Now protect and restore CloudFormation Stacks with AWS Backup

CloudFormation Stacks can now be attached to data protection policies, and the backup includes stateless resources like AWS IAM roles and Amazon VPC security groups.
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