Issue 69: Nov 21 - Nov 27

SUMMARY: [November 21 - 27 edition: re: Invent 2022 announcements:AWS Lambda Snapstart launched, CodeWhisperer with SSO, Amazon Security Lake in preview. CIS-aligned Azure VM benchmarks. Cloud Storage Monitoring Dashboards in preview.

AWS re:Invent 2022: Comprehensive Controls Management for AWS Control Tower in preview

Applies managed preventive, detective, and proactive controls to accounts and organizational units by service, control objective, or compliance framework by mapping them automatically. See how to use it.
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AWS re:Invent 2022: Lambda SnapStart with 10x faster Java functions launched

Eliminates the need for a dedicated Init phase by taking an immutable, encrypted snapshot of the memory and disk state and caching it for reuse; cached snapshots are removed after 14 days of inactivity.
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re:Invent 2022: Amazon Security Lake for centralized security data management in preview

The service automatically partitions and converts security data from AWS log and event sources and third-party services, automates storage tiering, and supports integrations with analytics partners for threat detection and incident response.
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re:Invent 2022: Amazon CodeWhisperer with Single Sign-On authentication now

The service which provides ML-powered code recommendations now comes with expanded language support for C# and TypeScript and lets users without an AWS account use CodeWhisperer with their personal email using AWS Builder ID.
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Microsoft announces new CIS-aligned Azure compute benchmark for Azure VMs

Contains CIS recommended security configurations; can be leveraged via Built-In Policy in Azure Policy Portal or Microsoft Defender for Cloud to ensure compliance with Azure compute security baseline.
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Google Cloud announces Cloud Storage Monitoring Dashboards in preview

Available at both the project level and bucket level, the dashboards provide metrics like error rate of storage API request count, data ingress and egress rate, and total read and write/list/get request counts out-of-the-box.
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AKS on Azure Stack HCI and Windows Server latest release now available

Brings support for Kubernetes 1.24, 22H2 now a supported host for AKS; Azure Hybrid Benefit for AKS is now generally available, and preview of Azure RBAC support in AKS hybrid clusters
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Now setup Azure Cosmos DB as custom routing endpoint in Azure IoT Hub

Available in public preview, it lets you create routing rules to send data directly to the defined Azure Cosmos DB endpoint and auto-generate partition keys.
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