Issue #68: Nov 7 - Nov 13

[November 7-November 13 Edition] Amazon EC2 Spot Instances new price strategy. Azure VMWare Solution enhancements. New MongoDb connector for Google Apigee. AWS EventBridge Scheduler announced.

New price and capacity optimized allocation strategy for Amazon EC2 Spot Instances

Makes Spot allocation decisions based on spare capacity availability and Spot Instance prices; ideal for containerized workloads, CI/CD, big data, and HPC.
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AWS Well-Architected Tool now integrates with Trusted Advisor and Service Catalog AppRegistry

Integration with Trusted Advisor enables automated resource checks and speeds best practice adherence reviews, and with Service Catalog AppRegistry gives visibility into application-workload association.
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Google Cloud Private Marketplace in preview

Lets you create a private, curated version of Google Cloud Marketplace for employees within your organization to help them identify pre-approved products, mitigate shadow IT, and negotiate deeper discounts by aligning on common usage.
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New Azure VMware Solution (AVS) enhancements

Stretched Clusters provide 99.99% uptime, two new node sizes generally available, Azure NetApp Files Datastores integration lets you run storage intensive workloads on AVS, CMK for AVS is in preview.
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AWS Backup can now restore VMware workloads to Amazon EC2

Enables restoration of VMware backups directly in EC2, as EC2 native instances; available in select regions.
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New MongoDB connector for Google Cloud Apigee

Lets you perform CRUD operations on a MongoDB database; find it in advanced MongoDB connection settings in the Apigee UI, and see how it can expose MongoDB Atlas through Apigee without code.
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AWS announces Amazon EventBridge Scheduler

Lets you create, schedule, and run one-time or recurring tasks at scale to trigger 200+ AWS services without provisioning underlying infrastructure. See the quota on schedules, how it compares with EventBridge rules, and how to use the service.
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