Issue # 67: Oct 31 - Nov 6

[OCTOBER 31-November 6 Edition] Amazon Textract new features, Datadog container adoption survey 2022 results, KubeCon 2022 Wasm Day highlights, committed use discounts from Google Cloud, elastic IP addresses between accounts in Amazon VPC

Azure Logic Apps Designer to be rebuilt on open source foundations

Moving from React to Redux will enable the low-code platform to work without UI stutters; improved navigation and component search capabilities with more updates planned before the new version enters GA.
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Highlights from Cloud Native Wasm Day at KubeCon 2022

Focused on developer tooling for server-side WebAssembly; Docker announces technical preview of Docker+Wasm, community pushes for a component model for Wasm to improve reusability
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Updated forms and text extraction features in Amazon Textract

Enhanced key-value pair extraction accuracy for single character boxed forms, support for E13B fonts, and better accuracy in detecting International Bank Account Numbers and long words.
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Updated container adoption survey results from Datadog

Nginx, Redis, and Postgre are the top technologies running containers, Istio is the leading mesh and Kubernetes updates coming out slower than needed amidst growing container adoption.
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Cloud Workstations now available through Google Cloud Console

The service manages workstation resource usage and persistent disks to provide secure developer environments with container-based customization and multi-IDE support.
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Now transfer elastic IP addresses between AWS accounts in Amazon VPC

Accelerates account restructuring by letting you reuse the same Elastic IP addresses for applications even after they are moved to a new AWS Account.
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Google Cloud introduces flexible committed use discounts

Flexible CUDs apply on spends rather than resources, and can be purchased on a billing account level in terms of dollars/hr of equivalent on-demand spend; Flexible CUDs save 28% for 1 year and 46% for 3 years.
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Azure App Service introduces Azure savings plan for compute

Offers lower prices on select compute services when you commit to spend a fixed hourly amount for one/three years on Isolated v2 and Premium v3 service plans; exceeding commitment levels incurs pay-as-you-go prices.
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