Issue # 66: Oct 24-Oct 30

(SUMMARY: OCTOBER 24-OCTOBER 30 EDITION) KubeCon 2022 updates, AWS Batch support for Amazon EKS, Skaffold v2 available, GKE gets new dashboard, Amazon Neptune Serveless launched.

Highlights from the Open Observability Day at KubeCon 2022

LinkedIn’s Chao Xu talked about the transition to open source tools to build observability pipelines, SquaredUp CEO pointed to the need for graph models in large-scale observability, and GitLab Developer Evangelist showed a live demo of Chaos Mesh.
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AWS Batch brings support for Amazon EKS

Users will now be able to run their batch workloads on EKS clusters, leveraging queueing, dependency tracking, pod management, and node scaling capabilities of the fully-managed service.
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Fargate type jobs in AWS Batch get 4x more compute, memory resource configurations

Use up to 16 vCPUs, and 120GB memory in Batch Fargate On-Demand or the Fargate Spot ComputeEnvironment; create new job definition to utilize increased resource limits.
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Google Kubernetes Engine to get a Security Posture Dashboard

Now in preview, the capability runs continuous analyses to spot workload misconfigurations, scans workloads for CVEs in the OS, and pinpoints workloads affected by security issues.
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Google Cloud announces general availability of Skaffold v2

The command line tool that powers continuous development and delivery for containerized applications brings expanded support for Cloud Run, and distinct render, deploy, and verify phases to simplify workflows.
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Now export database clusters directly from Amazon Aurora to S3 in Apache Parquet format

Removes the need to create a snapshot; export doesn't impact DB performance.
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Amazon Neptune Serverless generally available in select regions

Neptune Serverless is a fully-managed, autoscaling graph DB service that automatically provisions the compute and memory resources to run a graph database.
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Now consume 220+ SAP events on Azure

Azure Event Grid Partner Events enables building event-driven architecture; with event triggers sent via SAP Event Mesh to the Azure application.
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