Issue #65- Oct 17 - Oct 23

[OCTOBER 17-OCTOBER 23 Edition] Google Cloud Sensitive Actions in preview. Azure DNS Private Resolver available. BigQuery removing SQL-only interfaces. Amazon Athena upgraded query engine. Azure Arc automatic upgrades

Google Cloud Sensitive Actions now in preview

Scans changes in organization policy, creation or deletion of multiple instances, addition of SSH keys - and reports them to Cloud Logging or Security Command Center Premium.
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Azure DNS Private Resolver now generally available

Fully managed recursive resolution and conditional forwarding service for Azure virtual networks comes with architectural guidance for high resilience and DR scenarios, configuring conditional forwarding rules, and hybrid name resolution for on-premises.
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Azure Arc-enabled servers to get high availability of extension services during automatic upgrades

Automatic VM extension upgrades for Azure Arc-enabled servers is generally available; in case of failed upgrades, extension rolls back to previous stable version and is queued for retry in the next phase.
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Amazon EKS Anywhere brings Red Hat Enterprise Linux support

Available for EKS Anywhere clusters running on VMware vSphere, Apache CloudStack, or bare metal.
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Amazon Athena will now run on an upgraded query engine

Athena engine v3 brings 50 new SQL functions, 30 new features, 90+ query performance improvements; faster access to community improvements from Trino, Presto projects.
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AWS Lambda supports event filtering from four new sources

Amazon MSK, Self-Managed Kafka, Amazon MQ for Apache ActiveMQ, and Amazon MQ for RabbitMQ added to supported event sources.
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BigQuery removing SQL-only interface to provide new flexible programming extensions

Embedded Apache Spark engine will let users run Spark programs directly from BigQuery; remote functions enable users to extend BigQuery SQL with custom code.
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