Issue #64- Oct 10 - Oct 16

[OCTOBER 10 - OCTOBER 16 Edition] Software Delivery Shield and Confidential Space from Google. Also C3 VMs in preview. CosmosDB platform with PostgreSQL support, new Azure Site Recovery feature.

Chronicle Security Operations to unify Chronicle’s SIEM technology with SOAR solutions from Siemplify

Unifies UX and alerting between Chronicle's security information and event management and security orchestration, automation, and response capabilities; enables automated security response orchestration and speeds investigation with sub-second search.
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Confidential Space to enable secure data collaboration between organizations

Runs workloads in a Trusted Execution Environment; lets users control which workloads can act on their data, blocks operators from influencing the workload, and hardens protection against CSP access to maintain data privacy and confidentiality.
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Software Delivery Shield will secure software supply chains end-to-end

The fully-managed solution spans multiple GCP Services to secure managed remote developer environments and build artifacts in Artifact registry, and brings SLSA Level 3 build support in Cloud Build, and built-in security posture management capabilities for GKE.
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Google Cloud C3 VMs now in private preview

The first VM in public cloud that's powered by Intel’s 4th-gen Xeon Scalable processor, and Google’s custom Intel Infrastructure Processing Unit; delivers 4x higher throughput and 10x higher IOPS with recently announced Hyperdisk block storage.
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Microsoft adds PostgreSQL support to its Azure Cosmos DB platform

First truly relational solution on CosmosDB support, making it the first cloud platform to offer NoSQL and relational solution on the same service; replaces Azure Database for PostgreSQL-Hyperscale.
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Azure Site Recovery simplifies DR for VMware machines

New features include stateless ASR replication which lets you select any appliance without having to set up any master target server, support for automatic upgrades without root credentials, and easier scale management, are now generally available.
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Support for new languages, managed certificates, and new SKUs coming to Azure App Service

Azure Front Door integration with WordPress will improve site load and search engine rankings; App Service Environment v3 users will get new SKU options for higher memory and RPS scenarios. New auto-scaling feature for dedicated app service plans.
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