Issue #64: Oct 03-Oct 09

[OCTOBER 03 - OCTOBER 09 Edition] Also: Azure Firewall new SKU for SMBs, Vertex AI Model Registry available globally, Spot VM discounts from Google Cloud, New anomaly detection algorithm for AIOps in Azure

Azure Firewall Basic to provide enterprise-grade protection for SMBs

The new SKU of Azure Firewall which is currently in preview, filters network and application traffic, alerts on malicious traffic, is highly available.
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Centralize model management and governance with Vertex AI Model Registry

The feature lets you label and organize model versions, evaluate them on performance and explainability metrics, and deploy them to endpoints in a point-and-click fashion.
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Google Cloud offers up to 11% additional discounts on Spot VMs

Applicable across 37 resource pools, resulting in total savings of 84-90% over on-demand instances.
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NPrimeCloud: 120 days. 18,000 subscribers, and growing

Advance AIOps in Azure with new anomaly detection algorithm

The AiDice algorithm expands the search space by automatically localizing pivots, formulates the data as a search problem, and then maximizes the objective function in the search space to spot anomalies.
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Enhanced Microsoft Sentinel AWS CloudTrail solution is powered by new MITRE-Based Rules

Every rule in the updated solution, which enables users to hunt for threats, malicious activity, and suspicious events in the AWS environment, now maps to MITRE Kill Chain process categories and brings 30 new hunting queries.
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Google Cloud Monitoring now supports Prometheus’ built-in query language PromQL

Lets you query free Google Cloud system, Kubernetes, log, and custom metrics, and auto-completes metric names, label keys, and label values.
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Simplified DR for VMware machines with Azure Site Recovery: generally available

Lets you select any appliance without having to set up any master target server with stateless ASR replication, supports automatic upgrades without root credentials, eases scale management, brings higher availability for appliances.
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