Issue #63: Sept 26-Oct 02

[SEPTEMBER 26 - OCTOBER 02 Edition] Also: Cloud Spanner updates, Log Analytics for Cloud Logging with BigQuery, Azure Firewall rules with Policy Analytics, general availability of Amazon File Cache

Cloud Spanner will now support 2x updates per transaction

The DB service now supports up to 40,000 mutations (changes to values across cells and effectors) per transaction; see how to estimate mutation counts, and how transaction size affects performance.
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Log Analytics for Cloud Logging now in preview

Enables centralized logging in a dedicated Log Bucket and lets you conduct ad-hoc analyses on logs with BigQuery to support infrastructure and application troubleshooting, and network and audit logs analysis.
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How to optimize Azure Firewall rules with Policy Analytics

See how to apply recommendations from Policy Analytics, a preview feature which lets you analyze firewall flow logs and network and application rules, to optimize Azure Firewall rules.
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Amazon File Cache generally available

The fully-managed, scalable, and high-speed cache, which lets you process file data stored in disparate locations by bringing them to a single namespace, is now available in select regions.
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NPrimeCloud: 120 days. 17,000 subscribers, and growing

Startup CPU boost reduces cold start latency in Google Cloud Run and Cloud Functions

By temporarily increasing CPU allocation during container instance startup, the feature reduces cold start latency by up to 50%, which is especially beneficial to Java and
Node.js applications.
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Now manage workforce access to Google Cloud with Workforce Identity Federation

Lets you onboard user identities from external IDaaS and directory products, provide restricted access to vendors and partners, and deliver consistent authentication experiences to employees.
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Azure for Operators announces network analytics solution accelerator

The solution, which aims to provide faster network insights to telecom operators, is a standardized approach to data acquisition and visualization, and will accelerate efforts towards end-to-end AIOps.
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Google Cloud Deploy to add support for Cloud Run

Continuous delivery capabilities of Google Cloud Deploy will now be available for Cloud Run targets and testing containers within Cloud Deploy will let you verify if a deployment was successful.
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