Issue #61- Sept 12-Sept 18

[SEPTEMBER 12 - SEPTEMBER 18 Edition] Also: AWS Fargate compute, memory expansion. Cloud Spanner fine-grain controls introduced. New BeyondCorp integration with Microsoft Intune. Azure Monitor alerts for Azure Backups. OOTB dashboards for Google Pub/Sub

AWS Fargate now supports 4x larger memory and compute configurations

Users can configure ECS and EKS pods to use up to 16 vCPUs, and up to 120GB memory.
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Built-in Azure Monitor alerts for Azure Backup generally available

In addition to providing alerts for critical scenarios related to backup security and job failures, the tool now adds alerts for disabling of multi-user authorization, modification of backup policy, and vault-level alert-setting policies.
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Now monitor Google Pub/Sub with OOTB metrics dashboards

Lets you monitor published throughput in bytes, published message count, average message size, published request count, and average messages per batch in the Metrics tab of Pub/Sub Topics. See how to use it.
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Google extends zero trust with new BeyondCorp and Microsoft Intune integration

Integration enables application protection including for Office 365 by collecting trust signals and device posture data from Intune Graph API.
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NPrimeCloud: 90 days. 10,000 subscribers, and growing

Standard network features for Azure NetApp Files generally available

Brings support for Network Security Groups, connectivity over active VPN gateway, increased IP limits for Vnets, ExpressRoute FastPath connectivity, and user-defined routes to and from Azure NetApp Files.
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Amazon SageMaker launches Hyperband for faster automatic model tuning

Up to 3x faster hyperparameter fine tuning with a multi-fidelity technique that uses resources more efficiently and a better time-to-convergence.
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Google Cloud Spanner introduces fine-grained access control in preview

Assign SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE privileges selectively to tables or columns and define database roles by assigning appropriate IAM principals through conditional role bindings.
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