Issue #60- Sept 6-Sept 12

[SEPTEMBER 6 - SEPTEMBER 12 Edition] Also: Storage innovations from Google Cloud, large model support in Amazon SageMaker, new and upcoming capabilities in Dataflow, VMWare report on rising threats to Linux systems

Significant new announcements in storage solutions from Google

Includes new generation persistent disk, Hyperdisk which lets you provision IOPS and throughput independently for apps. Also unveils Filestore Enterprise multishare for GKE, and a new feature, Autoclass.
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Linux ransomware attacks up by 75% in H1 2022: Trend Micro report

Biggest threats from ransomware actors. A VMWare report also cited cryptojacking and use of Remote-access Trojans (RATs) as rising threats to Linux systems especially in the cloud.
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New and upcoming observability capabilities in Dataflow

New capabilities include metrics for streaming jobs, integration with Google Cloud Profiler for troubleshooting performance, insights for optimizing jobs, and an API to monitor Dataflow in other monitoring tools.
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Now deploy large models in Amazon SageMaker

EBS volume attached to SageMaker endpoint is now configurable up to 500GBs (up from 30GBs), and timeout quotas can now be configured up to 60m, increasing the time available to download and load model and associated resources.
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NPrimeCloud: 90 days. 10,000 subscribers, and growing

Amazon SageMaker now provides TensorFlow Image Classification algorithms

It is a supervised learning algorithm that supports transfer learning for pre-trained models available in the TensorFlow Hub. Available through SageMaker Built-in algorithms and SageMaker Jumpstart UI.
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How Amazon FinTech migrated financial reporting to Quicksight to save 40%

By developing a reusable reporting solution with QuickSight API while migrating the largest transaction dataset on Earth which grows by 20% annually, Amazon FinTech freed itself of scaling concerns and reduced latency by 30%.
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One-click AWS Observability Accelerator to achieve insights for Amazon EKS

Deploys OOTB Amazon Managed Grafana dashboards, uses AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry to collect metrics and stores them in Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus.
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Google announces Cloud Backup and DR

Enables centralized backup management from the Google Cloud Console, provides a holistic view of backups across multiple workloads, and only captures changes relative to prior copies to minimize TCO.
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