Issue #59- Aug 30-Sept 5

[AUGUST 30 - SEPTEMBER 5 Edition] Also: VMWare Aria multicloud offering, new features in AWS Step Functions, new Amazon Quicksight features, Altra Arm-based VMs from Azure

VMware announces Aria, a portfolio of multicloud management offerings

The offering portfolio helps manage cost, performance, configuration, and delivery of infrastructure and cloud native applications across any cloud and is powered by Aria Graph, a graph-based data store technology.
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14 new functions added to AWS Step Functions

They simplify data processing tasks such as array manipulation and JSON object manipulation, minimize calls to downstream services, and reduce the need to write code.
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Amazon QuickSight: top features from Q2 2022

1-click embedding into public applications, real-time deployment monitoring, public APIs for account provisioning, new BI features, and programmatic question submission in QuickSight Q.
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New Azure VMs with Ampere Altra Arm-based processors generally available

Dps v5, Dpls v5, Eps v5 now available with Altra-Arm processor (clocking up to 3.0GHz) which is aimed at scale-out cloud environments to deliver efficient, sustainable compute.
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NPrimeCloud: 90 days. 10,000 subscribers, and growing

Azure Monitor Change Analysis capability now generally available

It shows changes in App Services files and configurations, resource properties, and network configuration settings, shortens troubleshooting time, and enables DevOps to centrally manage resource changes.
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Now pay-as-you-go for Google’s API management platform Apigee

Users will be charged based on the number of Apigee gateway nodes used per minute, total API requests analyzed per month, and network usage.
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Azure Managed Grafana with new capabilities generally available

Comes with OOTB dashboards for Azure Monitor and Azure Container Apps, zone redundancy, and API key support.
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Big cloud competitors call Microsoft’s licensing changes anticompetitive

Licensing changes which allow users with Software Assurance or subscription licenses to install software on any infrastructure except from AWS, Google, Azure and Alibaba are an attempt to steer customers to Microsoft’s partner network.
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