Issue #58: Aug 23-Aug 29

[AUGUST 23 - AUGUST 29 Edition] Also: General availability of Amazon EKS Anywhere Curated Packages and Google Cloud VM Threat Detection. New feature in Azure Data Explorer. New Public IP capability on Azure VMware Solution

Amazon EKS Anywhere Curated Packages generally available

The curated packages include networking software and container registry open source packages that extend the core functionalities of Kubernetes.
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Now ingest data directly from Amazon S3 to Azure Data Explorer

New feature is now generally available.
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Azure VMware Solutions Public IP now available

Direct inbound and outbound internet access; DDoS security protection against incoming and outgoing internet network traffic. Available regionally.
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Google Cloud: VM Threat Detection now generally available

The capability takes an invisible-to-adversaries approach and has been scaled to support more frequent scanning across instances; deploy by checking a box in the Security Command Center Premium.
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NPrimeCloud: 90 days. 10,000 subscribers, and growing

Example-based explanations to build better AIML models

Enabled in a three step process, Vertex AI Example-based explanations help recognize misclassified data easily, loops in all stakeholders in the decision making and encourages active learning.
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Google Cloud certificate Manager now generally available

Supports both self managed and Google managed certificates, encouraging adoption of TLS deployments for SaaS offerings.
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AKS now supports Key Management System (KMS)

Key Management System, that simplifies key rotation, and provides encryption at rest to store Kubernetes data in bring your own key (BYOK) box encrypted etcd, now generally available
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AWS WAF Fraud Control - Account Takeover Prevention now supports Amazon CloudFront

Protects application login pages against credential stuffing attacks, brute force attempts, and other anomalous login activities; offered via AWS Managed Rules.
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