Issue #57: Aug 16-Aug 22

SUMMARY: Google Cloud Functions 2nd gen in GA, Serverless Snippets Collection from AWS, Serverless SQL for Azure Databricks in public preview, AWS Private 5G now in select regions

Google Cloud to retire IoT Core Service in August 2023

News stirs community and leaves users distrustful.
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Microsoft Dev Box now in public preview

It is a managed service that enables developers to create on-demand, high-performance, secure, ready-to-code, project-specific workstations in the cloud.
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Now bulk import from Amazon S3 to new DynamoDB tables

The feature doesn’t consume the table’s write capacity and supports CSV, DynamoDB JSON and Amazon Ion as input formats.
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Three new APIs launched in AWS IoT SiteWise

They let users bulk import historical measurements from sensors and diverse systems such as historical and time series databases.
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Automated deployments in AKS now in public preview

It simplifies the process of setting up a GitHub Action and creating an automated workflow for your code releases to AKS clusters.
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GCP launches Query Library for Cloud Logging

New text search and drop-down features by automatically generating the requisite Logging query language.
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ASR-protected VMware VM migration capability generally available

Will let users move existing VMware VMs, protected using Azure Site Recovery, from classic protection experience to modernized protection experience; comes with robust rollback mechanism.
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Amazon Aurora gets IPv6 support

Users no longer need to manage overlapping address spaces in their VPCs; move to IPv6 with a few clicks in the AWS Management Console.
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Reserved instances pricing for Azure Cache for Redis Enterprise generally available

Reservations are available on a 1-year basis for up to 35% discount or on a 3-year basis for 55% discount.
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AWS adds HTTP/3 support for Amazon CloudFront

HTTP/3 uses QUIC, which overcomes TCP’s limitations by establishing a secure session with a single handshake will enable faster, more responsive and secure experiences for end users of CloudFront customers.
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