Issue #55: Aug 1-Aug 8

SUMMARY: Bigtable federated queries with BigQuery now. New Microsoft Defender solutions. AWS Lambda tiered pricing. AWS Skill Builder subscriptions. Azure Neural Text-to-Speech in preview.

General availability of Bigtable federated queries with BigQuery

Faster querying of data now in Bigtable without copying or moving data with increased federated query concurrency limits across all regions.
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AWS Skill Builder subscriptions announced

Self-paced, digital training for over 500+ courses now enables administrators to assign training to individuals and have built-in dashboards for training progress.
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Microsoft announces two new solutions for threat intelligence and attack surface management

Direct access to real-time data in Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence, and discover unmanaged resources that are visible and accessible from the internet in Microsoft Defender External Attack Surface Management.
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Google Cloud consolidates Cloud SDK reference documentation

Find at Also, Cloud Client Library reference docs can now be found on with simpler layout, dark mode, advanced search, filters, and direct code edits.
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The Azure Threat Research Matrix knowledge base introduced

Documents known tactics and techniques that could compromise Azure Resource and Azure AD and also educates users about commands that relate to a technique.
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Now purchase license-included Visual Studio software on Amazon EC2

Generally available at a per-user subscription fee; EC2 preconfigures Amazon Machine Images of Visual Studio Enterprise 2022 and Professional 2022.
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Azure Neural Text-to-Speech previews new contextual voice model

Called Roger, the new voice model can adjust the pitch, rhythm, and intonation along with the context, and insert natural pauses when reading paragraphs. Listen to samples and see how it works
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Now push custom metrics to Amazon CloudWatch at 150x throughput

Supports 50x higher capacity, 3x faster default call rate and 3x more dimensions per metric.
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Two cross-site scripting vulnerabilities found in Google Cloud

In DevSite, bad actors could read and modify contents of origins policy, and on Google Play, it could have led to hijacked accounts via cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks.
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