Issue #56: Aug 9-Aug 15

SUMMARY: Google Cloud Functions 2nd gen in GA, Serverless Snippets Collection from AWS, Serverless SQL for Azure Databricks in public preview, AWS Private 5G now in select regions

AWS Private 5G is now generally available

Deploy private mobile networks on-premises. Currently supports 4G LTE, to bring 5G support in the future. See pricing, regional availability, and how to get started.
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Google’s 2nd gen Cloud Functions generally available

Brings 14x more event sources, 4x larger instances, processes workloads with up to 60 minutes of execution time, and improved developer experience.
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AWS Serverless Developer Advocate team announces Snippets Collection

Serverless Snippets Collection is a community-maintained repository of reusable, tested, and recommended code snippets to accelerate serverless application development.
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Serverless SQL for Azure Databricks now in public preview

Provides instant compute to users for BI and SQL workloads; pay for Serverless SQL only when users start running reports or queries.
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Google Data Studio available as a Google Cloud service

Supports additional compliance standards for internal auditing; Google Cloud BAA signed for HIPAA will also apply to Data Studio as a result.
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Native AWS Web Application Firewall in Amazon Cognito

Amazon Cognito, which eases authentication, authorization, and user management for web and mobile apps now gets native AWS WAF support.
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Now configure Azure Monitor VM insights with the Azure Monitor agent

Eases setup of VM insights using data collection rules, optimizes costs by letting you collect selected data, performs better, and is more “hack-proof” than legacy agents.
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New productivity enhancements in Google Cloud Deploy

Temporarily pause problematic delivery pipelines to restrict all rollout activity; service platform logs to ease issue resolution, and faster onboarding with Skaffold configuration generation.
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