Issue #54: July 25-July 31

SUMMARY: GCP BigLake general availability, Amazon Neptune Global Database in select regions, Azure Confidential Ledger available, new AWS IAM Identity Center.

Google Cloud BigLake now generally available with new capabilities

The service, which lets users build secure multi-cloud data lakes over open file formats, gets analytics hub support on Google Cloud Storage (GCS). Also, allows ML model training on GCS BigLake table using BigQuery ML.
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Amazon Neptune Global Database generally available in select regions

Fully managed graph DB service for applications with highly connected datasets; replicates data with no impact on performance, and provides disaster recovery from region-wide outages.
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AWS Single Sign-On is now AWS IAM Identity Center

No change in technical capabilities, and offered at no extra charge. Follow the walkthrough and see how to enable it.
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Now stream data with Pub/Sub direct to BigQuery

Create a new BigQuery subscription in a Pub/Sub Topic and designate a BigQuery table to it to enable the direct ETL pathway; no extra charges for ingesting data into BigQuery.
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Azure Confidential Ledger now generally available

Let’s users store sensitive, unstructured data requiring high-integrity in an immutable ledger and offers cryptographic verification. Use cases include multi-party data audits and application verification for audits.
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Amazon GuardDuty gets malware protection

Eight new threat detections will detect malicious files residing on an instance or container workload running on EC2 without deploying additional security tools.
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Now copy Amazon S3 backups from across AWS Regions and accounts

Eases compliance of data protection and data recovery directives; capability available via  AWS Backup console, API, or CLI in select regions.
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AWS Security Competency relaunched

New consolidated categories with AWS-validated partner software and services to help customers pick, learn, and implement cloud security tools.
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