Issue #51: July 4-July 10

SUMMARY: Temp credentials in AWS IAM roles. Visual Studio Code Server in private preview. Query Insights for Spanner. Multiple snapshots in Azure VM Backup.

Use temporary credentials in AWS with IAM Roles Anywhere

Allows servers, containers, and applications to use X.509 digital certificates to obtain temporary AWS credentials which use the same IAM roles and policies that are configured for AWS workloads to access AWS resources.
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Visual Studio Code Server will let developers code anywhere

Currently in private preview, it lets you run a server on your workstation through a browser using Visual Studio Code without the need for SSH or HTTPS.
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Google Cloud announces Query Insights for Spanner

Enables developers and database administrators to easily diagnose and fix query performance issues like spotting problematic queries or measuring database performance in Spanner via a set of visualization tools.
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Azure Active Directory authentication for Application Insights generally available

Users can now choose to opt out of local authentication and ensure only authenticated telemetry is ingested in their Application Insights resources.
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Now take multiple snapshots a day in Azure Virtual Machine Backup

The new capability lets you define the duration in which backup jobs trigger; align your backup schedules with frequent update timeframes and ensure minimal data loss in events of corruption/updates.
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AWS IoT Core simplifies certificate authorities (CAs) management

The new feature which enables customers to directly manage the registration of CAs and use the same CA across multiple accounts simplifies device provisioning and cross-account device movement – is now generally available.
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Now monitor EC2 predictive scaling policy using Amazon CloudWatch

Amazon EC2 predictive scaling policy forecasts, which proactively increases the capacity of Auto Scaling groups ahead of predicted demand, is now available as a CloudWatch metric.
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Generally available: new deployment experience for .NET applications on AWS

Focuses on the type of application to be deployed instead of individual AWS services to provide intelligent compute recommendations. Also customize deployments inside Visual Studio or the CLI.
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