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What's common between Cloud News and Dark Data? There's too much of it to make sense from. The dark data dilemma might be here to stay , but the Cloud news conundrum can be sorted by stitching the right strands to create useful insights.

That's what we do at NPW, by tracking what gets the 100 top cloud experts, and our cloud computing community, talking. Then, using the CNCF framework on our custom schema, we then assign the information under topics most relevant to the trifecta of technology roles - the software engineer, devops engineer and solution architect.  

The result? A sharply tracked, mapped and organized analysis of news - current and past. Every week, packed with the most significant news of, and an analysis of important developments across cloud products, functions and CSPs.

From information to insights - NPW has it sorted for the cloud community.


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Get the week's highlights and their key takeouts, complete with context and importance explained


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The week's selection of in-depth articles, published by the top 100 cloud experts (tracked by NPW)


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Stay on top with trending topics and products, based on readership analysis of the 12,000+ NPW member community

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Samples with extended summaries, trends charts and more

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NPW Insights (Free): Week 4/4 for Software Engineer

AlloyDB goes global. Amazon Neptune, Kinesis and Timestream updates. SageMaker new feature. Azure VMWare Solution for government. Google Cloud Threat Detection and Response Team

NPW Research
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NPW Insights (Free): Week 4 of 4 for Solution Architect

Google Threat Detection and Response report, open source security report, Telecom Data Fabric from Google Cloud, Amazon Timestream and Amazon Kinesis updates, AlloyDB goes global.

NPW Research
Members Public

NPW Insights (Free): Week 4/4 for DevOps Engineer

Confidential containers on ACI. Future of service mesh. New job roles in coming years. Updates in Amazon Inspector, Azure Login Apps telemetry, Aazon Neptune. AlloyDB global.

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