Google mitigates record-breaking DDoS attack

Google mitigates record-breaking DDoS attack

Updates related to AWS Firewall Manager, Google H3 VMs, Azure Files, EC2 R7a, Azure Trusted Launch, Azure Backup, AWS Control Tower and more

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Google mitigates record-breaking DDoS attack

  • New DDoS attack peaked at 398 million requests per second.
  • Utilized a novel HTTP/2 “Rapid Reset” technique.
  • Industry-wide collaboration for mitigation and response. UPDATE

AWS Firewall Manager expands security policies

AWS Firewall Manager now supports referencing security groups in its common policies, allowing traffic between peered VPCs. UPDATE

Provisioning + Runtime

Google Cloud unveils H3 VMs for high-performance computing

  • New H3 Virtual Machine Series focuses on high-performance computing (HPC).
  • Based on Intel’s 4th generation Xeon platform.
  • Offers up to 3x improvement in per-node performance and 2x better price performance. UPDATE

Azure API Management introduces Basic v2, Standard v2 tiers

  • Public preview of Azure API Management Basic v2 and Standard v2 tiers announced.
  • New tiers feature faster deployment, private networking, and higher scale.
  • Basic v2 and Standard v2 also aim to provide greater resiliency and hybrid support. UPDATE

AWS launches EC2 R7a bare metal instances

  • New EC2 R7a instances use 4th Gen AMD EPYC processors.
  • Offer up to 50% higher performance than R6a instances.
  • Suitable for latency-sensitive workloads, certified for SAP applications. UPDATE

Azure Files expands Unicode character support

Azure Files now supports all valid Unicode characters, allowing for more versatile file and directory names and easier migration using tools like AzCopy and Storage mover. UPDATE

Upgrade to Trusted Launch for Azure Gen2 VMs

Support for upgrading existing Azure Generation 2 VMs to Trusted Launch is now generally available, enhancing security features like Secure Boot and vTPM. UPDATE

Multi-user authorization now in Backup vaults

Multi-user authorization is now available for Azure Backup vaults, offering an added layer of security for backup operations. UPDATE

Enhanced soft delete features in Azure Backup

Azure Backup's enhanced soft delete feature is now generally available, offering improved protection against accidental or malicious data deletion. UPDATE


New log routing features enhance Google Cloud's multi-tenancy

  • Google Cloud introduces a project as a log sink destination.
  • Allows more control for routing logs between different projects.
  • Teams can gain increased insights, cost control, and wider ecosystem access. UPDATE

AWS Control Tower adds new controls

AWS Control Tower introduces 22 new proactive and 10 detective controls in its library to aid in meeting regulatory requirements. UPDATE

Management tools

Active Assist aims to mitigate cloud infrastructure risks

  • Active Assist can now flag risky changes in cloud infrastructure.
  • Provides recommendations to prevent high-risk deletions and IAM policy changes.
  • Feature is immediately available via Recommender API and gcloud. UPDATE

Amazon WorkSpaces enhances app management

Amazon WorkSpaces launches a feature providing admins increased flexibility in managing application bundles while retaining user data. UPDATE


AWS App Runner updates custom domains

AWS App Runner introduces improvements for associating custom domain names to an App Runner service, simplifying certificate and DNS management. UPDATE

SageMaker supports private model repositories

Amazon SageMaker Model Registry now allows the registration of machine learning models from private Docker repositories. UPDATE

App Building

Cloud Spanner claims cost advantage over Amazon DynamoDB

  • Cloud Spanner announces significant price-performance improvements.
  • Up to 50% increase in throughput and 2.5x the storage per node.
  • Claims to be half the cost of Amazon DynamoDB for most workloads. UPDATE

Amazon DataZone now generally available

  • Designed for cataloging, analyzing, and sharing data across organizations.
  • Includes business-friendly asset naming suggestions via AI.
  • Systematic governance for automated data processes. UPDATE

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