GKE Enterprise edition launches

GKE Enterprise edition launches

Updates related to Azure Container Storage, AKS, GKE, Cloud TPU, Azure Elastic SAN, Azure Red Hat Openshift and more

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GKE Enterprise edition launches

  • GKE Enterprise, a premium Kubernetes service by Google Cloud, goes live November 15.
  • Aims to boost development speed, run critical workloads, and cut ownership costs.
  • Offers fleet management, advanced vulnerability insights, and managed governance. UPDATE

Azure introduces advanced Container Storage

  • Azure Container Storage now in preview, offering scalable volumes natively for containers.
  • Available in 26 regions, simplifies stateful app management on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).
  • Enables rapid volume scaling, multi-zone storage pools, and dynamic resizing.
  • Introduces volume snapshot and clone for recovery and protection. UPDATE

AKS updates Istio service mesh add-on

  • Istio-based service mesh for AKS in public preview, updates features.
  • Allows minor version upgrades, custom CA integration, and Istio egress support.
  • Enhances control over Istio upgrades and traffic management within the service mesh. UPDATE

KEDA add-on now GA for AKS

The KEDA add-on for AKS has reached general availability, offering over 60 scalers for efficient application autoscaling. UPDATE

Multi-cluster Gateway for GKE goes GA

Google announces the general availability of the Multi-cluster Gateway controller for GKE, enabling unified load balancing across multiple clusters. UPDATE

Provisioning + Runtime

Google Cloud announces TPU v5e GA

  • Cloud TPU v5e now generally available, boasts 2.3X better price-performance.
  • Demonstrated in MLPerf Training 3.1, advances mixed-precision training.
  • Enables large-scale training and inference workloads, efficient scaling to 50K chips. UPDATE

Azure Elastic SAN enhances VMware support

  • Azure Elastic SAN preview now integrates with Azure VMware Solution (AVS).
  • Improved performance with reduced latency, live resizing, and secure storage options.
  • Elastic SAN's VMware certification allows scalable storage and performance tuning. UPDATE

Updates to Azure Red Hat OpenShift

Azure Red Hat OpenShift now supports larger clusters with 120 nodes and extended 14-month lifecycle, plus improved resource tagging. UPDATE

Azure Gateway introduces IPv6

Azure Application Gateway v2 now supports IPv6, offering dual-stack connectivity to meet diverse user requirements. UPDATE

AWS MGN supports A2C Replatforming

AWS expands Application Migration Service to include .NET and Java applications replatforming via AWS App2Container. UPDATE


  • Google Cloud's Cybersecurity Forecast 2024 combines insights from its security teams.
  • AI use in cyberattacks and defense expected to rise.
  • Increased reliance on zero-days and cloud services by attackers noted.
  • Shift towards newer programming languages like Go, Rust, Swift by malware authors. UPDATE

Management Tools

AWS Cost Management Enhances MemoryDB

AWS introduces new Cost Explorer recommendations for purchasing Amazon MemoryDB reserved nodes, for cost optimization. UPDATE


GA release for synthetic monitoring

Google Cloud's synthetic monitoring, a tool to simulate user interactions for app performance, is now generally available. UPDATE

Lambda updates for Init and Restore errors

AWS Lambda now reports initialization and restore errors directly to CloudWatch Logs, simplifying troubleshooting for developers. UPDATE

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