Google’s Prometheus managed service slashes prices by 60%

Google’s Prometheus managed service slashes prices by 60%

Updates related to H3 VMs from Google, Azure Red Hat OpenShift, AWS Security Hub, AWS EC2 M7i-flex, Azure Site Recovery, Amazon EFS, Azure Storage Mover and more.

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Google’s Prometheus managed service slashes prices by 60%

  • 60% price reduction for samples ingested into Managed Service for Prometheus.
  • Companies can achieve global observability without heavy filtering or dropping metrics.
  • Enhanced Metrics Management page to identify high-cost metrics and manage them. UPDATE

Google Cloud launches Personalized Service Health

  • Provides fast, transparent communication about service disruptions.
  • Currently in Preview; integrates with incident response, monitoring tools.
  • Offers granular controls for relevant service disruption alerts.
  • Integrates with incident management tools, e.g., PagerDuty.
  • Enhances proactive incident discoverability in workflows. UPDATE

Bigtable enhances observability tools

  • Introduces tools to supplement Key Visualizer, Cloud Monitoring.
  • Query stats diagnose inherently slow queries via cbt CLI, Go Client.
  • New metrics expose spiky workloads, irregularities.
  • Table stats offer insights on data storage, row count, columns per row.
  • Aids in troubleshooting performance, storage costs. UPDATE

Azure Load Testing integrates Azure CLI

Supports Azure CLI for test management. Enables operations like resource creation, test initiation, and fetching metrics via CLI. UPDATE

Amazon RDS for SQL Server supports secondary metrics

Enhanced Monitoring for Amazon RDS for SQL Server now includes metrics for secondary hosts in Multi-AZ DB instances, enhancing performance tracking. UPDATE


Azure Red Hat OpenShift's August 2023 updates

  • Attains DoD Impact Level 4 certification, ensuring high security standards for military or contingency operations.
  • No OpenShift subscription fee for infrastructure nodes, optimizing cost.
  • Enhances security by allowing private clusters deployment without a public IP. UPDATE

AWS Security Hub introduces 12 new controls

Security Hub releases 12 new security controls, supporting Amazon Athena, DocumentDB, Neptune, and an additional control for Amazon RDS. UPDATE

Provisioning + Runtime

Google Cloud introduces H3 VMs for HPC

  • H3 VM series tailored for high performance computing (HPC).
  • Built on Intel’s 4th gen Xeon platform; offers 3x improvement.
  • Now in public preview; features 88 cores, 352 GB memory.
  • 200 Gbps default low-latency networking, optimized for distributed computing.
  • Outperforms prior C2 machines in multiple benchmarks. UPDATE

Headline: AWS releases EC2 M7i-flex, M7i instances

  • Powered by custom 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors, exclusive to AWS.
  • M7i-flex offers up to 19% better price performance than M6i, suitable for general-purpose workloads.
  • M7i, ideal for high CPU usage, supports Intel Advanced Matrix Extensions and built-in Intel accelerators. UPDATE

Azure Site Recovery previews DR for Shared Disks

  • Private Preview of DR for Azure Shared Disks supporting WSFC on Azure VMs.
  • Can protect, monitor, and recover WSFC-clusters as a unit, generating cluster-consistent recovery points.
  • Supports up to 4 nodes per cluster; limited to forward direction protection. UPDATE

Amazon RDS for Oracle supports single-tenant replicas

Supports read and mounted replicas for CDB instances. Utilizes Oracle Data Guard, allowing up to five read replicas and disaster recovery. UPDATE

Amazon EBS allows 128 volume attachments on M7i

M7i instances now permit attaching up to 128 EBS volumes to an EC2 instance, up from 28 in M6i. Increases storage density and aids in cost-effective scaling on AWS. UPDATE

Amazon EFS supports increased IOPS limits

Amazon EFS now offers up to 55,000 read IOPS and 25,000 write IOPS, powering intensive workloads like ML research and big data analytics on AWS. UPDATE

Azure Storage Mover supports SMB, Azure Files

Azure Storage Mover can migrate SMB shares to Azure file shares. Ensures secure migration with Just-in-time permissions and Azure Key Vault. UPDATE

Azure NetApp Files supports SMB CA shares

Enhances resiliency with Continuous Availability for SMB volumes. Enables SMB Transparent Failover, improving reliability during maintenance. UPDATE


EKS Fargate gets more Ephemeral Storage

AWS Fargate for EKS allows configuring ephemeral storage up to 175 GiB. Supports intensive workloads, security through application isolation. UPDATE

AWS Batch introduces price-capacity-optimized strategy

AWS Batch's new allocation strategy balances price and capacity for Spot Instances, optimizing Spot Instance placement for reduced workload interruptions. UPDATE

Management Tools

AWS Resilience Hub launches drift detection

Resilience Hub introduces application resilience drift detection, notifying if applications deviate from set recovery objectives. Offers enhanced flexibility and access control. UPDATE

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