Anthropic's Claude 2 LLM available on Amazon Bedrock

Anthropic's Claude 2 LLM available on Amazon Bedrock

Updates related to Cloud Armor, Azure Data Rick's, Microsoft Defender, Amazon Inspector, Cloud Deploy, Azure Advisor, AWS Clean Rooms

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Google's Cloud Armor bolsters rate limiting, IP-based rules

  • Google Cloud Armor introduces granular rate limiting, combining multiple keys.
  • Offers enhanced flexibility for creating IP-based custom rules.
  • Enhancements help to throttle traffic, protect against DDoS and OWASP Top 10 risks. UPDATE

Enhanced Security and Compliance add-on GA for Azure Databricks

The Enhanced Security and Compliance (ESC) add-on simplifies security and regulatory requirements for Azure Databricks users handling regulated, sensitive data sets. UPDATE

Public preview: Firmware analysis in Defender for IoT

The firmware analysis feature in Defender for IoT, now in public preview, conducts automated analysis to identify potential security vulnerabilities in IoT devices. UPDATE

Time-bound key authentication for Google Cloud service accounts

Google Cloud improves IAM capabilities with service account key expiry, enabling customers to limit the duration of new service account keys. UPDATE

Amazon Inspector improves vulnerability intelligence

Now offers enhanced vulnerability intelligence, providing detailed information on malware kits used to exploit vulnerabilities, mapping to MITRE ATT&CK. UPDATE

Management Tools

Cloud Data Loss Prevention introduces predictable cost options

  • Expanded Discovery service in Cloud Data Loss Prevention now covers BigQuery and BigLake.
  • New pricing model introduced for predictable costs: on-demand and subscription pricing.
  • Expanded cost estimator provides comparison of both pricing models. UPDATE

Google Cloud Deploy introduces deploy parameters, reduces pricing

  • Deploy parameters added to Cloud Deploy, enabling differentiated deployments.
  • Active Cloud Deploy delivery pipeline prices reduced, expanded no-charge usage.
  • Easier pipeline creation process for experimentation and trials. UPDATE

Azure Advisor debuts cost optimization workbook

Azure Cost Optimization workbook provides a centralized hub for tools driving utilization and efficiency goals, includes Azure Advisor cost recommendations, idle resource identification. UPDATE

AWS Clean Rooms unveils custom query features

Launches two capabilities that provide flexibility to generate richer insights: custom analysis rule and analysis templates, enhancing data collaboration use cases. UPDATE


Stack Overflow announces OverflowAI

  • OverflowAI integrates generative AI into Stack Overflow for enhanced search capabilities.
  • Enterprise knowledge ingestion, Slack integration, Visual Studio Code extension among new features.
  • Aims to make relevant knowledge easily accessible, simplify coding efforts, and create an engaging developer community. UPDATE

Anthropic's Claude 2 LLM available on Amazon Bedrock

  • Claude 2, large language model by Anthropic, now on Amazon Bedrock.
  • Works over hundreds of pages, takes up to 100,000 tokens per prompt.
  • Well suited for customer support, Q&A, workflow automation. UPDATE

Amazon Bedrock introduces AI agents

  • Amazon Bedrock supports new, fully managed AI agents for faster task completion.
  • Agents handle interactions between FMs, data sources, applications, users, and execute APIs.
  • Developers can integrate these agents to accelerate generative AI application delivery. UPDATE

AWS Entity Resolution is generally available

  • AWS Entity Resolution, an ML-powered service, helps link related records across multiple data stores.
  • Can improve data fidelity, provide better data insights, and protect data security.
  • Matches recent consumer interactions for better marketing and product matching in retail. UPDATE

AWS Glue Studio integrates Amazon CodeWhisperer

Amazon CodeWhisperer now available in AWS Glue Studio, providing real-time code suggestions to expedite data preparation for analytics and ML. UPDATE


Azure Monitor container insights customizable cost settings GA

Container insights now offers per-table configuration, letting customers individually select data tables to ingest into their Log Analytics workspace. UPDATE

Provisioning + Runtime

Azure Application Gateway updates default TLS policy

Azure Application Gateway introduces Predefined AppGwSslPolicy20220101 policy for new deployments, ensuring improved default security with minimum TLS version 1.2. UPDATE

AWS Backup for Amazon S3 boosts performance

Now improves backup speed by up to 10x for buckets with more than 300 million objects, helping you expedite your initial S3 backup workflow. UPDATE

Amazon Route 53 supports additional TLDs

Now supports 14 additional Top-Level Domains, expanding the possibilities for domain name registration services integrated with other AWS offerings. UPDATE

App Building

Amazon Redshift integration for Apache Spark open sourced

  • AWS open sources Amazon Redshift integration for Apache Spark.
  • Allows developers to build, run Spark applications on Amazon Redshift data.
  • Features include expanded pushdown functionality, AWS Secrets Manager integration. UPDATE

AWS Health introduces delegated administrator support

Allows you to delegate an account other than the management account to view aggregated AWS Health events on the dashboard or via the API. UPDATE

AWS Lake Formation launches read-only admin role

Enables customers to add a data lake admin role with read-only permissions for Glue Data Catalog metadata and Lake Formation permissions. UPDATE

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