Deep dive into data streaming landscape of 2023

Deep dive into data streaming landscape of 2023

Emerges as a software category by itself, with segmentation based on whether the data streaming product uses Apache Kafka or not, and degree of compatibility with it

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Layoffs, asynchronous work, AI tools

The tech world is experiencing a rollercoaster ride these days. On one hand, the rise of asynchronous work practices highlights the industry's adaptability, making things more flexible for everyone. But on the other hand, layoffs are shaking things up, impacting people's sense of psychological safety at work. And then there's the rise of AI tools like Co-pilot and ChatGPT – they're boosting developer productivity, but might also put some entry-level coding jobs at risk. The post below for details


Deep dive into data streaming landscape of 2023

This analysis reckons data streaming as a new software category in data processing and analysis technologies. It establishes Apache Kafka as the industry standard for data streaming, and then maps data streaming products and services into 3 vertical categories based on whether they use Kafka for their service, if they are partially compatible with it, and if they implement a different technology altogether. Each category is then segregated into fully-managed, partially-managed, and self-managed. Spark streaming, Apache Flink, Databricks, Google Pub/Sub, and Amazon Kinesis also discussed. Also useful: 4 criteria for evaluating a data streaming technology, and an interesting antipattern where stream processing is performed on data at rest. ANALYSIS

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