Issue #50: June 28 - July 5

SUMMARY: GCP advanced security features on Apigee. AWS Cloud Migration Factory v3 launched. Amazon EKS Anywhere on bare metal. AWS DMS support for VPC endpoints.

Google Cloud previews Advanced API Security built on its API management platform

The new product built on Apigee, will ease detection and fixing of API misconfigurations; check API configurations for conformance to security standards.
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AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) now supports VPC endpoints

Now connect to any AWS service with VPC endpoints if routes to the services are explicitly defined in their AWS DMS VPC.
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AWS Cloud Migration Factory v3 launched for medium-, large-scale migrations

AWS migration specialist with an overview of AWS Application Migration Service and Cloud Migration Factory (CMF) and the new features in CMF v3.
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Microsoft issues patch for FabricScape (CVE-2022-30137) vulnerability

Vulnerability was of important severity as it let Linux containers escalate their privileges to gain root privileges on a node and then compromise all the nodes in a cluster.
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Google Cloud users to get two new built-in security features

MITRE ATT&CK rubric will let users automate some types of security responses; DDoS protection to counteract Layer 7 attacks.
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Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) Anywhere on bare metal generally available

Lets users automate bare metal hardware provisioning and Kubernetes cluster operations. No upfront commitment or fees.
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Azure Data Studio MongoDB extension for Azure Cosmos DB in public preview

Now manage and query MongoDB resources using mongo shell; manage multiple accounts in one view by connecting your Mongo resources.
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AWS Glue Streaming ETL now supports auto-decompression

Can now detect compressed data streaming from Amazon Kinesis, Amazon MSK, and self managed Apache Kafka, and automatically decompress it.
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