Issue #49: Jun 22 - Jun 28

SUMMARY: New features in Azure NLP services. AWS Codewhisperer in preview. AWS IoT ExpressLink general availability. O’Reilly salary survey report.

The service supports wireless hardware modules to build IoT products that connect with cloud services and implements best practices for device-to-cloud connectivity.
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Amazon’s ML-powered coding assistant CodeWhisperer now in preview

Based on natural language comments and code in IDE, it generates coding recommendations. Promises greater productivity, supports multiple IDEs and languages.
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Amazon Connect Cases previews, now a full-fledged Contact Center as-a-Service

Amazon Connect Cases eases customer case management requiring multiple engagements; together with Amazon Lex Automated Chatbot Designer.
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Azure IoT to get Arm64 support and intelligent edge and cloud capabilities

Edge Secured-core for Windows will help users meet higher security standards, Azure Sphere now previewing support for Rust, and Arm64 support will bring low-power and low-cost benefits via Microsoft-NXP collaboration.
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New features in Azure NLP Services

Azure Cognitive Service for Language brings an updated model for QnA maker, lets you automatically identify and redact PII in application workflows; conversational machine learning API extracts information from content and sends it to other services.
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O'Reilly Report: Google Cloud certificates earn 65% higher raises

O’Reilly report found 48% participated in technical training or certification programs in the last year; those with Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect certificate make $231,000 on average.
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New enhancements coming to Azure Arc Multicloud Management

Azure ML Kubernetes Compute Service is now in general availability, Windows Admin Center portal now lets you oversee Azure Arc-managed infrastructures, and Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes extensibility model to better support application integration requirements.
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2022 Constellation Shortlist for MLOps solutions

Includes Datarobot, AWS SageMaker, Databricks, Iguazio, and Paperspace amongst other solutions; picked on the grounds of multi-cloud, data integration, Kubernetes deployment and modeling support capabilities.
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