Issue #48: Jun 15 - Jun 21

SUMMARY: Confidential GKE nodes generally available. Azure WAF and DDoS protection plan added in Firewall Manager. New open source troubleshooting tool from Google. AWS launches AMS for customer onboarding.

Confidential Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) Nodes now generally available

Confidential GKE Nodes leverage AMD Secure Encrypted Virtualization and encrypt data in-memory; will help run GKE workloads confidentially without any code changes and without significant performance degradation.
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AWS Config adds support for 15 new resource types

AWS Config now supports Amazon SageMaker, Elastic Load Balancing, AWS Batch, and AWS Step Functions among others to monitor their configuration data.
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Azure WAF policy and DDoS Protection plan now generally available

The two solutions are now added to the Azure Firewall Manager, thus enabling multi-layered protection through a centralized network security solution.
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Anthos on-prem is now Google Distributed Cloud (GDC) Virtual

GDC Virtual will now conjoin with GDC Edge and GDC Hosted to deliver a uniform set of experiences for development, security, and management across any IT environment.
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Google announces open source troubleshooting tool

Gcpdiag, a command-line tool, will detect configuration issues in cloud projects, run automated checks, call rules and generate report about detected issues.
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Azure NetApp Files for NFS datastores in Azure VMware Solution now in preview

NetApp Files NFS volumes can now be attached to the Azure VMware Solution clusters to support file storage intensive use cases like migration and DR with a lower TCO, low latency, and high performance.
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AWS Managed Services (AMS) Accelerate to support customer cloud operations

Using AMS Accelerate, customers go through account discovery and onboarding processes while integrating their processes with AMS.
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