Issue #9: Nov 13 - Nov 16

From Google Cloud outage to Gartner and IDC projections and more.

New cloud-native workloads to go up from 30% this year to 95% by 2025: Gartner

Global cloud revenue to grow from $408 bn in 2021 to $474 bn in 2022. Low code and no-code technologies will triple by 2025. Secured Access Service Edge (SASE) adoption to rise to 50% by 2025 with rising traffic on the edge. Keep an eye on Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo 2021.
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IDC: Public and private cloud services to grow at 21.3% CAGR through 2025

Estimated at $0.7 tn in 2021, “whole” cloud – cloud services +  hardware and software components, and managed cloud services to grow to $1.3 tn by 2025. As-a-service segments to grow at 21.3%, accounting for 64% of all spend by 2025.
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A comprehensive, comparative look at AWS, GCP and Azure services

Big 3 CSPs captured 60% of cloud revenues in 2021 so far. Read this to understand their USPs, and how they fare against each other on networking, dev tools, availability zones, pricing, customer profiles, and more.
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Why is AWS and Azure business momentum showing no signs of slowdown

Read the clues in analyst comments, quarterly growth rates, net score mapping and more in this business performance comparison of the two companies vis a vis their closest competitors.
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Updates & Tips

Google Cloud Networking outage takes down websites; issue partially resolved

Google’s External Proxy Load Balancer, Apigee, Cloud Run, and Cloud Functions among affected services. Outage caused #404 on accessing hosted websites and services - Spotify, Toggl, Discord and SEMRush were affected.
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AWS Elastic Beanstalk vs Google App Engine: picking the right PaaS offering

With near-identical features, existing cloud relationships, expertise and cost will play a greater role in selecting between the two offerings.
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Cloud infrastructure complexity: way in and way out

Security, integrations, and offloading legacy apps to the cloud give way to complexity in the multi-cloud. Business-tech synergy, an incremental approach to cloud transformation, and measurement-driven approach to IT key to managing and minimizing complexity.
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Make multi-cloud profitable with these three approaches

Multi-cloud deployments can help avoid vendor lock-in and bring greater agility, but also raise the costs incurred. Pay attention to data management lifecycles, data synchronization between environments, and identity and access control management to optimize costs.
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Deals & Partnerships

Telenor partners with Google to roll out joint services and products

The Norwegian telco will work with Google Cloud to accelerate  in-house IT and network services transformation; leverage GCP’s portfolio of off-prem services to bring new services to market.
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Genesys-Google partnership expansion to enable better CX offerings

Genesys Multicloud CX will be available for implementation on Google Cloud; collaborations on new AI/ML solutions will drive better CX across Google and Genesys’ industry-specific offerings.
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AWS and Qualtrics partner to drive better customer experiences

AWS and Qualtrics partnership to drive better customer and employee experiences; Qualtrics will migrate IT systems and front-facing workloads to AWS.
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