Issue #8: Nov 10 - Nov 12

From cloud transformation stories to continuing Azure updates from Ignite 2021, and more.

How J&S Foods’ AWS-driven digital transformation project restored business competitiveness

The story of how the global food firm’s Enterprise Architect and an AWS Digital Transformation Strategist drove leveraged smart checkout for cross-channel shopping to eliminate billing queues, and launched an international digital store, while migrating the core infrastructure on AWS for cost efficiency.
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Cloud Radar Report estimates $414bn potential in cloud, reveals state of cloud in 2021

Cloud Radar 2021 report by Infosys reveals how cloud brings speed and new capabilities to organizations that can drive 11.2 percent year-on-year profits. Based on survey with 2,500 respondents with $500mn plus firms across 12 industries.
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Pay attention to costs, complexity and security with multi-cloud deployments

Cloud experts at IDC, KPMG and IBM  caution against unmonitored provisioning, lack of robust governance and vendor lock-ins.
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Microsoft Defender and Azure Security Center unified under Microsoft Defender for Cloud

Cloud security posture management capabilities will remain free for all Azure subscribers, while the former Microsoft Defender Cloud Workload Protection will be available on a pay per plan basis for customers.
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After AWS, Microsoft will bring managed Grafana service to Azure

Microsoft partnered with Grafana Labs to bring a managed Grafana service to Azure, allowing users access to the observability stack as a single dashboard within Azure, while Grafana will offer enterprise plans for integrations with Splunk, ServiceNow, MongoDB, New Relic, and Datadog. The service will be available in the Azure Marketplace.
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Incident Manager now available in 7 additional AWS regions

The incident management service to automate response plans and observe operational data across services to improve service reliability, is now generally available in Mumbai, Seoul, London, Paris, Sao Paolo, Canada (central) and northern California.
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Cisco Talos Intelligence Group reveals 10 vulnerabilities across Microsoft Azure services

Two vulnerabilities found on the Linux side; partial leakage of kernel memory allows out-of-bound read from kernel structure. Others include DoS compromise of Security Monitor and Pluton.
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Deals & Partnerships

Microsoft and Meta partnership will see cross-integration Teams and Workplace features

Features of the collaboration tools will become available to users across platforms, bringing together forum-like capabilities of Workplace, and instant collaboration offered by Teams together. The integration is being trailed by the likes of Vodafone, Flight Centre Travel Group, and Lockton.
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Microsoft and Kyndryl partner to drive advanced cloud transformation projects

Former managed services arm of IBM Kyndrl has partnered with Microsoft for hybrid cloud, AI and IT modernization projects.
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Integration major Qlik deepens ties with Google with Qlik Data Integration

Qlik Data Integration will allow GCP users to seamlessly purchase the service in the Google Cloud Marketplace, allowing users to automate data streaming, cataloging, refining, and publishing between multiple source systems and GCP to accelerate their data and analytics services.
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