Issue #7: Nov 6 - Nov 9

From all the significant announcements at Microsoft Ignite to customer wins for the Big 3.

Beyond the Big 3: Linode outperforms GCP, Azure, and AWS in NVMe benchmarks analysis

Linode and other alternative cloud providers beat GCP, AWS, and Azure in the NVMe block storage benchmarks by 30%, offering up to 2x better database performance, and returning better price performance than the  Big 3.
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Chip shortage will drive more innovation at the big cloud providers

Although the semiconductor shortage stress-tests supply chains with electronic components, it is unlikely to shake the big cloud providers as they experiment with custom chips - thus keeping the hyperscale price advantage intact.
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Managed services and cloud computing: which makes sense for your enterprise

While cloud computing offers infrastructure and services around it, managed services bring more holistic solutions to enterprises lacking IT management capacity. See how they differ in risk and performance management, service terms, maintenance, and upgrades.
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Azure Open AI brings GPT-3 to enterprise AI landscape

Azure Open AI API announced @ Microsoft Ignite brings GPT-3 based powerful text AI capabilities like summarization, code generation, and content generation to the enterprise AI landscape. How Azure OpenAI changes the text #AI game in the #cloud market
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Virtual machines → Azure migration simplified with new Azure Arc features

Azure Arc now treats hybrid VM deployments as Azure native VMs: with recent updates, Arc is turning into a hub for server, app, DB, cluster and VM management.
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AWS Backup adds support for  Neptune and DocumentDB

With AWS Backup support for Neptune, periodic, immutable snapshots of graph database service Neptune’s clusters can be restored with a single click. Also, DocumentDB support in AWS backup now allows enterprises to implement a single and centralized data protection policy for DocumentDB clusters.
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Microsoft expands its Azure DevOps solutions

New Azure features like Workflow Generator, Chaos Studio for resiliency testing, SQL Server 2022, and GitHub integrations marked a step-up in Azure DevOps portfolio.
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Azure Container Apps powered by Kubernetes goes live in East US2

New cloud-native offering to build microservice architectures using containers enables native access to open-source projects and frameworks.
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With Modern Cloud Analytics program, Azure modernization will be faster and easier

Informatica and Microsoft’s joint Modern Cloud Analytics program will open a fast and cost-efficient route to modernize ETL processes and on-prem data warehouses to Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud on Azure and Azure Synapse Analytics. Available in Azure Marketplace to Microsoft and Informatica PowerCenter customers.
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ASB’s banking applications go to Azure

New Zealand bank ASB is moving its banking applications to Azure to deliver better user experience and speed up digital offering rollouts. The transition involves hundreds of applications across thousands of servers.
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North America’s fourth largest airline Allegiant will fly with AWS

Airline and leisure travel player Allegiant partnered with AWS in a five-year deal that will enable it to leverage data mining and predictive analytic capabilities to drive more engagement through personalization while driving business efficiencies
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Group Rocher to power its sustainable digital strategy with Google

French cosmetics and lifestyle major Group Rocher signed a 5-year agreement to modernize its ecommerce platform, build better buyer journeys, and advance its sustainability strategy.
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