Issue #6: Nov 4 - Nov 6

From 2022 cloud market predictions to cloud-powered value growth in life sciences and new announcements at Microsoft Ignite.

Containers, geopolitical friction, and automation will drive 2022 cloud wars

Gartner + Forrester predictions: rising container adoption, emerging geopolitical data movement restrictions, more industry-specific services. What else will move the market?
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Gartner: India’s end-user public cloud spend to touch $7.3bn by 2022

IaaS expected to grow by 40% to $2.4bn, BPaaS, SaaS, and DaaS to drive rest of the growth. Emerging policy infrastructure and partnerships with IT players will contribute to public cloud growth.
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Hyperscalers’ capex spending reveal that cloud costs big

Hyperscalers’ quarterly capex spends indicate the big costs of pay to play. The Big 3 spent more than $33bn in Q3 2021, demonstrating that capex helps get them scale: Platformonomics analysis.
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Adopters’ approach to cloud security not as resilient as it should be

2021 Thales Cloud Security Study indicates 83% adopters leave sensitive data unencrypted on cloud. Gap between senior management and practitioners might introduce friction in secure cloud adoption.
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Cloud adoption and emerging technologies represent $1tn of value in life sciences

Fortune 500 pharma and medtech companies could gain $20bn to $40bn in 2030 EBIDTA run rates from cloud migrations that drive both IT rejuvenation and business innovation.
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Railway industry filings across the globe see more cloud computing mentions

Cloud computing mentions within the railway industry rose by 24% between Q1 and Q2 of 2021, and by 162% between 2016 and the last year. Interesting analysis though degree of correlation between the rise in mentions and successful usage of the technology is unclear.
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Microsoft Manufacturing Cloud available for preview as 62% manufacturers move to smart manufacturing

Modular framework that allows flexibility to innovate as you go differentiates the Microsoft offering. End-to-end features across asset management, ops and supply chain visibility, always-on service, and optimization key features to look out for.
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Microsoft Ignite opens with enhanced database, warehouse, and lake services

Key highlights include a new deployment option in Azure Database for SQL, called Flexible Server. Expected to occupy the slot between single server and the Hyperscale offering. Also announced integration of Azure Data Explore into Azure Synapse platform.
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Review data transfer costs on AWS, and how to save in the process

AWS’ data transfer costs to and from the internet, within AWS regions, and across technologies like RDS, DynamoDB, and RedShift vary. Understand the nuances, and how to save costs in moving data across AWS infrastructure.
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GCP forges a 10-year partnership with Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME)

Google makes a $1bn equity investment in CME, marking the beginning of its 10-year partnership agreement with the global derivatives marketplace. Meanwhile, CME will migrate to GCP to bring efficiencies for all market participants, and to introduce new products and services.
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GCP sees industry-focused offerings as drivers of growth in the cloud market

Taking a traditional enterprise approach to selling its products, Google sees industry-specific offerings as key to winning large deals as its cloud revenues jump by 45% in July-Sept quarter. Key industry focus includes retail, manufacturing, CPG, energy, healthcare among others.
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AWS CFO Brian Olsavsk cites ML as driver of rapid growth

Second quarter in a row when market leader growth is higher than Microsoft. AWS revenues up by 39% against Microsoft’s 36%.
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Azure’s growth momentum: will it unseat AWS?

Microsoft quarterly momentum stayed strong, grew by 36% in the last quarter. Analysts are betting its strong momentum is not just a short-term pandemic boost.
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