Issue #5: Nov 1 - Nov 3

From 3X growth in cloud computing to Microsoft Financial Services cloud availability and its “JEDI revenge” on AWS.

Cloud computing to grow three-fold to nearly $800bn by 2028

A Fortune report estimates the cloud computing market at nearly $800bn by 2028. Advancements in AI and ML will drive demand globally, while APAC will see a rapid surge in growth from manufacturing and healthcare. North America will likely retain its dominance in market share.
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Despite chip shortages, Big 3 grow by 37%; rest of the cloud market by 27%

Amazon, Google, and Microsoft clocked combined Q3 revenues at $45bn, with 12-month trailing revenues hitting $164bn, according to Synergy Research Group report. Market share for the Big Three remains  a steady 70%. Rest of the players clocked $17bn, growing at a healthy 27%.
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Cloud security and cloud analytics markets look promising too

Cloud analytics market is expected to hit $94bn by 2028, due to rapid adoption of IoT, cloud and AI & ML technologies, says Reportlinker report. At the same time, cloud adoption and regulatory requirements are triggering growth in the cloud security market, which is expected to grow to $9.5 bn by 2025.
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Beyond IaaS: EaaS will drive rapid development with DevOps

EaaS, or Environment-as-a-Service, will integrate the benefits of IaaS into DevOps toolsets, and enable users to access services via portals, CLIs, and CI/CD pipelines directly. The benefits: faster development cycles, better cost visibility, and better control.
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AWS’ purpose-built ML instances are 70% cheaper and perform 2.3x better than GPU-based alternatives

Japan chose AWS and Google for it’s nationwide cloud computing project to unify digital infrastructure across ministries and 1700 municipalities, working with an initial budget of $17mn until March 2022.
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AWS spends over $3.5bn annually on data centers in Virginia alone. Why?

AWS - world's biggest data center spender - houses 50 data centers in Virginia region, comprising six availability zones. Proximity to DC, well-developed IT infrastructure, and interconnectivity capabilities make Virginia a strategic location.
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Awaited Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services now generally available

The industry-focused cloud offering is now generally available at $20k; deployable in the US and UK. Key capabilities include data mgmt., cybersecurity, financial insights, and productivity-boosting flows.
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Sega takes game development to the Azure cloud

Sega forges strategic alliance with Microsoft. Microsoft’s cloud tech will empower Sega in anticipating gaming trends, optimizing development, and building quality experiences for users.
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Microsoft turns on Amazon’s NSA contract win after JEDI cloud contract dissolution

Amazon’s persistent legal protests against Microsoft’s JEDI Cloud contract is now coming to bite back, as Microsoft's protest against AWS’ cloud contract with the NSA was sustained by the Government Accountability Office. GAO recommended NSA to re-evaluate proposals and to make a new source selection.
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Hexact partners with Google and SADA for faster development and technical advisory

Leading automation player Hexact signs 3-yr commitment agreement with #GCP and SADA. Technical advisory from the partners and faster technical features development among key motivations driving the partnership.
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