Issue #4: Oct 27 - Oct 30

Get the lowdown on quarterly results for the Big 3 CSPs – there is no let up in their scorching growth rates.

Microsoft cloud business breaches $20bn mark, with 36% rise from year-ago quarter

The “intelligent” cloud segment comprising Azure, SQL server, Windows Server, Github, Visual Studio and consulting services grew to $17bn. Microsoft does not provide Azure only figures, which could be compared with AWS and Google Cloud.
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AWS revenue shoots up another 38% to $16.1bn, higher than previous quarter and year-ago quarter

Cloud unit accounted for the entirety of Amazon profits in the quarter as the retail business posted $31mn operating loss for the quarter.
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Google Cloud posts 45% jump in revenues at $5bn

The number 3 CSP maintains its growth momentum, indicating an annualized revenue run rate of almost $20bn. Operating loss, though reduced, was still a $644mn.
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Forrester: Cloud wars will be fought on compliance, specialization, and geopolitics in 2022

CSPs will battle for market share with industry-specific cloud offerings in 2022; compliance and geopolitical trends will play a stronger role in how the market evolves. Google will miss its target of making it to the top 2 in the cloud battle by 2023.
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Amazon and Google will power Japan’s government cloud

Japan chose AWS and Google for it’s nationwide cloud computing projectto unify digital infrastructure across ministries and 1700 municipalities, working with an initial budget of $17mn until March 2022.
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Top secrets in cloud: UK spy agency partners with AWS

UK’s spy agencies are procuring cloud infrastructure from AWS; transparent AI will play a central role in the shift. The deal is estimated at £0.5-£1bn over the next decade.
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NTT announces AI threat detection solution for AWS

Cyber Threat Sensor AI scans internet traffic and curates threat intelligence from 100 intelligence and 50 partner feeds. CTS-AI is “an SOC in your pocket” that delivers activity logs and alerts on a mobile interface.
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AWS Fargate comes to Windows deployments on ECS

AWS announced the availability of AWS Fargate for Windows containers. The service will be available in all regions except China and GovCloud.
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AWS announces Babelfish for Amazon Aurora, GCP adds PostgreSQL interface on Cloud Spanner

With Babelfish for Amazon Aurora, customers will be able to deploy Microsoft SQL Server apps directly on Amazon Aurora for PostgreSQL. In other news, GCP added a PostgreSQL interface on Cloud Spanner.
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Intel reveals Google as co-designer of it’s Mount Evans chips

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said that Google was behind the making of Intel’s first chip that helps CSPs run data centers more efficiently. Google to deploy it in their data centers.
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RedHat’s cloud-based Kubernetes platform comes to Azure for the US govt.

RedHat OpenShift enables on-ramp to hybrid cloud transformation for government agency customers, improving data accessibility without security vulnerabilities for sensitive workloads.
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AWS EC2 for AI bring 40% better price performance for training ML models

DL1, a new class of EC2 instances, are a cost-effective alternative to GPU powered  instances. Available on demand, with pay as-you-go usage, it will help migrate ML models from GPU instances with minimal code changes
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