Issue #3: Oct 13 - Oct 15

From the big CSPs’ regulatory challenges in the EU to Google’s foray into edge solutions to AWS’ deepening intentions in chip design.

Microsoft and Oracle accused of unfair licensing costs and restrictions

The European Commission and the European Council is debating a report that flags Microsoft and Oracle’s potentially unfair pricing practices. Both have been accused of charging significantly higher prices for their software on third-party cloud platforms. The report is also prompting EU’s DMA to curb cloud providers for anti-competitive practices.
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Microsoft warns 140 resellers and tech providers of attacks by Nobelium Hacker Group

Nobelium, the threat actor behind SolarWinds breach, has been active again, targeting 14 downstream customers of multiple CSPS using the  compromise one to compromise many approach. So far, the group has attacked nearly 23k times, says #Microsoft.
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Google Cloud Next: Distributed Cloud, new security features, and AI offerings

Google Cloud Next Oct 2021 saw the announcement of Google Distributed Cloud, taking its cloud solutions to the edge and data centers. Also announced: Work Safer, a zero-trust security package for hybrid work enablement and addition of insights feature in its contact center AI offering.
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Gartner names Microsoft a leader in the Industrial IoT platforms magic quadrant

Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Industrial IoT Platform gives Microsoft the top spot second year in a row. The cloud giant credits  its contribution to emerging Industrial IoT standards, rich security capability among success factors.
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AWS bets further on semiconductor design to bring cost benefits to clients

AWS will bring more proprietary chips to the market, says AWS CEO Adam Selipsky. Says its latest chip Graviton 2 brings 40% better price performance than existing x86 options.
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Hybrid cloud ready vs Hybrid cloud implemented: how wide is the gap?

Hybrid cloud adoption is growing fast but there are a number of considerations before making the leap. Are your apps legacy or modernized, what CSPs to use, scalability of your application, container orchestration maturity, support services - and last, but not the least, whether your team is hybrid cloud-ready.
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Getting your negotiations right when choosing a hyperscaler

Know ongoing costs and utilization before making capacity commitments. Validate architecture with experienced technical teams. Some secrets to juicing the maximum out of your negotiations with the big CSPs.
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Compliance imperatives, and licensing cost considerations drive cloud-native security

Security services offered natively are attractive given ease of integration, reduced costs and enhanced capabilities. Here’s when cloud-native security does not make sense.
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AWS Outposts and HPE GreenLake: hybrid cloud counterpoints?

HPE’s recently announced GreenLake platform is a highly customizable hardware and software IaaS offering that can be deployed privately. AWS Outposts brings largely standard configs from the AWS’ public cloud. Find out which fits your use cases better.
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